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Standard of Conduct

The following rules are the Standard of Conduct for the Council of Islamic States. These rules are applicable to behavior within our region and in the official policy of regions with which we have relations.
1. No Slander/Insults.
2. No disrespecting Allah (SWT) or His prophets. This includes Isa/Jesus (AS).
3. No trolling.
4. No racism, racial supremacy, racial segregation, or Zionism.
5. No intolerance towards other beliefs.
Furthermore, regions that knowingly harbor those that break rules 2 or 4 will result in ties being broken.

Further explained:
1. Don't personally attack others. Expressing an opinion, even a negative opinion of others, is accepted. Labeling someone isn't and never will be accepted.
2. Don't insult Allah or any of His prophets. It is perfectly fine to express atheistic views as we are accepting of all beliefs. It is not fine to accuse, insult, label. Basically rule 1, but for religion.
3. Don't post for the sole purpose of angering/annoying people. I know that sometimes this can be done in good fun, but there is a line you should know not to cross. Use common sense.
4. As a Muslim region, we consider ourselves to be very tolerant. We only reject radical beliefs that clearly violate Islamic principles. Promoting racism, racial supremacy, racial segregation, or Zionism are some of the few things we consider to be radical. This is not open for debate.
5. CoIS welcomes political diversity within reason. From Communists to Capitalists, Autocracy to Direct Democracy, chances are that your ideology is welcome here of it doesn't violate the rules already mentioned in this document. We encourage polite debate and discussion, and this is where rule 5 comes in. Harassing others based on political views is not ok. A communist nation that shares its views will not be banned. A communist nation that antagonizes all nations that are not communist will be banned.

Punishment for violation of the SoC is left to the discretion of the Qadi (Judge). If he is unavailable the typical procedure is Warn->Warn again->Ban. Once the Qadi makes a decision it will be honored unless overturned by a 2/3 majority vote from all Viziers or by command from the Caliph.

The creation of this document was approved by all Viziers and the Caliph.
Ar-rayyan caliphate
Eazim Al-Andalus