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Executive Decree 004: Bureau of Regional Statistics

| Executive Decree 004 |

To the nations of the New West Indies

Current activity in the region is, perhaps, at an all-time high. However, there is no concrete, inclusive way to monitor the region's activity levels and overall status.

Therefore, to archive and track regional data, the Bureau of Regional Statistics (BRS) shall be established within the Department of Administration. For now, it will be administered by myself and possibly with the help of my assistant.

The Bureau will be separated into multiple distinct dispatches categorized by their data's content, including but not limited to: Demographics, Elections, Immigration, and Polling. Other statistical documents may be added in the future.

The Bureau will solely account for Regional Data and will not include data related to in-character national statistics, which is reserved for the Census.

Therefore, Executive Decree 004 shall be enacted, effectively immediately.

Ordered by the Secretary of Administration, April 8, 2019