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Dmitri Rasputin, Vozhd of Yegla Islands

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The following documents encompass a series of informational pieces and datasheets on the Yeglan political structure, and the personnel involved in its operation. More documentation will be added as it is written, declassified or discovered.

A Political Summary | Dmitri Rasputin, Vozhd of Yegla Islands | [OOC] Canon Policies


Dmitri Rasputin

Portrait of Dmitri Rasputin (Circa 2040)

Vozhd of Yegla Islands

In office:
11th January 2004 - Incumbent

Preceded by: Position Established

Personal Details


29 July 1975 (age 67)
Tenersk, Klimehl





Political Party:

United Yeglan Party






N'ald State University
- Degree in Material Chemistry



Military Service


Yegla Islands

Service Branch:

Central Command

Years of Service:

2004 - Present


Grand Commander

Notable Conflicts:

Jodayan invasion of Yegla Islands
Alban invasion of Yegla Islands
Yeglan invasion of Jodaya
The Crescent War
Second Uvoanian Civil War
Nostrumian-Skyhooked Crusade

Miscellaneous Information


LinkRegular Theme

"In the fires of struggle, we have forged a nation. By the might of our people, we will forge a legacy."
-Dmitri Rasputin, 8th July, 2019

Dmitri Rasputin, former leader of the Iron Swathe resistance group, is the first and current Vozhd of Yegla Islands, as well as the Grand Commander of the UYDF. Popular throughout his nation due to his highly efficient societal and economic reforms, he is often considered the primary driving figure behind Yeglan unification and sovereignty. As such, he is regarded as both a war hero and experienced tactician, owing to both his role in the liberation of Yegla Islands from foreign rule, and his coordination of several successful wars during his time in office.

Since assuming office, Rasputin has appeared in public with moderate regularity, and is still known for his speeches, which are often broadcast nationwide. In times of war, he has assumed direct command of the Yeglan military, and unconfirmed rumors persist concerning his personal participation in combat operations. Whether these are propaganda, fact or mere rumor remains unknown, however.

Notable Policies:

  • Economic Regulation
    Since its inception, the Yeglan economy has been composed entirely of state-owned industry and government institutions. Rasputin has vocalized his views on this topic numerous times, explaining that a free-market economy simply fails to fit in with his plans for Yeglan unification. In one notable speech, he compared capitalism to "a bar brawl", calling it unruly, chaotic, and decided entirely by "financial violence" committed against those who are vulnerable. He has also noted that while he personally harbors a distaste for capitalism as a system, he is not inherently opposed to its usage in other nations, and simply views the circumstances within Yegla Islands as unsuitable for its implementation. As such, he has avoided the branding of capitalist nations as somehow inherently inferior or antagonistic, and has maintained positive (or at the very least, neutral) relations with a considerable number of them.

  • Military Strengthening
    Yegla Islands' military has always been at the forefront of its rebuilding, in both a financial and cultural sense. This movement is largely supported by the people, many of whom remember the long and violent history of Yegla Islands prior to their unification. A military focus is seen primarily as a deterrent to any potential invaders, as well as a form of protection against internal hazards (such as piracy).

  • Education & Scientific Advancement
    During his rule, Rasputin has advocated for the continued development of Yeglan educational and research institutions, so that "they may rival the greatest schools and universities in the world." To this end, spending in these areas has been maintained at a significant level, and specialized funds have been set up for the distribution of high-quality, free public education to the Yeglan people. Scientific progress has advanced similarly, via a series of policies designed to increase ease of research and development.

  • Personal freedoms
    A central tenet of Rasputin's doctrine is the concept of personal freedom - when asked to detail what precisely this entails, he elaborated that this includes the freedoms of speech, expression (both artistic and social), and debate. He has stressed, however, that any liberties taken in this manner are still subject to legal persecution in the event that they result in quantifiable, physical harm, or the direct challenging of the official ruling party. His official statement included the following: "The government must stay out of the personal affairs of its people - that is a given. Its duties also include the shielding of those same people from infringement on their rights and wellbeing, and this concern overrides all others. Legitimate, quantifiable crime cannot be disguised as an expression of self, nor can the intent to impede the government in its duties be hidden behind such an argument."

  • Defensive focus
    One of Rasputin's primary motivations has been the defense and security of Yegla Islands from outside attack. His foreign policy reflects this, and seeks to maintain neutrality with as many powers as possible, while at the same time cultivating a defensive bond with ideologically similar neighbor-states. This defensiveness is also the cause behind his policy of domestic fortification, which included the construction of military bases around the Islands, as well as the purposeful scuttling of several old cargo vessels for the purpose of creating artificial reefs in strategic locations - this served as both a method of ecological preservation, and an obstacle to potential naval invasion by complicating naval entry into the archipelago. Special considerations were undertaken regarding the Serpent's Teeth and their reinforcement as a method of natural defense.

  • Environmental Considerations
    Rasputin's policies and decisions have often been mediated, or even directly motivated, by their perceived effect on the environmental conditions, both within and outside of his nation. His most prominent statement on the subject of environmentalism read as follows: "We, as a species, are confined to the present, yet we have our sights set on the future. Innovation is the vehicle of progress, and yet with such foresight we must also consider the negative consequences of our progress. We must learn to mediate these consequences - for our aim is to improve this nation and this Earth not only for ourselves, but for our children, and their children, and all descendants ad infinitum, or as close as it is possible to get to such a sentiment."

Public Opinion & Controversy:

Although Rasputin is favored by the majority of the Yeglan populace, several controversial views have arisen with regards to his choice of policy. These are rarely voiced in organized protest, and are expressed primarily in online circles.

  • Complaints regarding Autocracy
    Owing to the Yeglan government's single-party status, several movements have expressed the desire to have a voting process integrated into its structure. Most notably, such demands lead to the December 2037 Chernograd Bombing, during which several hundred individuals were killed or seriously injured by the detonation of a "dirty bomb", planted by a member of the "Yeglan Equalists" terrorist group. Similar terrorist attacks have been attempted, but none have had any notable success, owing to a drastic increase in law enforcement and domestic intelligence spending after the incident. When pressed on the matter, Rasputin has expressed that he views democracy as a "failed system", and that any election runs the risk of vote falsification and other illicit tactics to garner political power. He has made further assurances to citizens that their concerns are being heard and processed via the Ministry Council, and that the governmental system is undergoing a process of efficiency increase.

  • Irreverence towards Religion
    Over the course of Yeglan development, a number of policies and reforms has been put into effect with the goal of advancing Yeglan science. Several of these, such as the compulsory post-mortem donation of organs, and the lack of an official religion, has been criticized by the religious and spiritual communities. The government's stance on such matters, however, remains unchanged. In a recent interview, Rasputin admitted that "religion is not at the forefront of [his] mind at this moment. The Yeglan people need a way forwards, a way towards new knowledge. They don't need a reminder of practices from long-gone days dragging them back, pulling their mind and vision into another Dark Age."

  • Aging Conspiracy
    Recent years have seen the rise of conspiracy theories regarding Rasputin's age and apparent humanity. These were started when internet users began comparing photos of Rasputin during his incumbency, and claimed that he was aging unnaturally slowly. While media attention to this theory has been limited, the Department of Science & Medicine has issued a statement in which it claims that "all possible measures are being undertaken to maintain the Health and Wellbeing of the Vozhd. Furthermore, none of these measures are unnatural, unscientific or unethical in any sense, and most are widely available to the Yeglan public." Rasputin himself has commented sparsely on the issue, claiming that he is "the equal of every other Yeglan - in body, mind and soul."

  • Stance on "Magic"
    Rasputin has chosen to publicize recent discoveries made by the Ministry of Science with regards to so-called magical energies, and has encouraged research into this direction. When confronted with traditionalist and religious views on the subject, however, he has remained adamant in his stance. "There is little here to be seen as supernatural. Thaumaturgy, as we are now calling it, is just another branch of the scientific disciplines, one we have yet to explore in any reasonable capacity. We must approach this exploration as we would any discovery - not with superstition and hereditary hocus-pocus, but with a clear view of the future. Of what good these novel energies can bring to our nation once reasonably harnessed."

  • Stance on Corruption
    By his own admission, Rasputin has publicly recognized corruption to be an issue inherent to his chosen system of governance. His approach to mitigating it has received notable scrutiny due to its atypical nature - while no hard crackdown on corruption has ever taken place (as it would likely disrupt governmental function), the Commissariat maintains an organizational structure dedicated to the monitoring of government employees and politicians in all of their work-related affairs. If actions such as bribery and coercion take place, the Commissariat takes note, though it does not act out against the perpetrators. If, however, a correlation is drawn between such actions and a negative impact on governmental function or efficiency, the perpetrators are suspended from office while an investigation is launched into the magnitude and consequence of their actions. A sentence is then selected, based on the significance of the disruption caused - this may range from temporary suspension to permanent expulsion from governmental work, or even imprisonment. As such, all governmental agents are constantly weary of the famously incorruptible and ever-watching Commissars, who are careful to restrict their observation to work-related affairs, and even then only those related to the government and politics.

For & Against:

  • For: State-regulated Economy, Autocracy, Cultural Unity, Military Strengthening, Scientific Advancement, Social Freedoms, Public Education, Environmentalism

  • Against: Laissez-faire Capitalism, Social Oppression, Ethnic Discrimination, Foreign Dependency, Democracy, Religion, Disarmament, Superstition, Monarchy, Theocracy, Imperialism


  • "A leader, at their most basic, must put their people before themselves. They must be ready to sacrifice, to give up aspects of themselves, for the good of their nation. Someone who doesn't even manage that is no leader in my eyes. Merely another fool with too much power."

  • "In conflict, we find unity. In unity, we grasp victory."

  • "I don't claim to be a born politician, or even a trained one. But sometimes, a radical is needed."

  • "You come in here with your soldiers and your threats, and you expect me to cower, to bend my knee. I carry with me the will of my people. Their hardships, their tribulations, rest squarely on my shoulders. Against that burden, you are nothing."

  • "While ideology tends to last, the lives of those who preach it are finite. Exceptions may, of course, present themselves."

  • "You're supposed to be an assassin? Your predecessors at least had the foresight to bring a few tanks."


  • Though he no longer pursues his career in chemistry full-time, Rasputin has access to his own personal laboratory, which may be considered an amalgam of a chemical fabrication plant, still and bar. He uses it for a wide variety of purposes, ranging from casual experimentation to the distillation and mixing of alcoholic beverages.

  • His personal guard consists primarily of veteran revolutionaries. They are expert combatants, and most have undergone some form of augmentation.

  • He dislikes seafood.

  • A pragmatic combatant, Rasputin does not favour any one style of fighting. This makes him an unpredictable opponent, especially considering his ability to form weapons on the go.

  • He typically dresses in a selection of three-piece suits, most of them gray. Even in combat, he rarely bothers with armor due to his inherent nigh-indestructibility. This has, unfortunately, resulted in the destruction of a considerable number of suits.

  • He suffers from occasional bouts of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, relating to his experiences during the revolution. He is careful to hide these from the public, and thus their existence is only known to a few close friends and a trusted psychiatrist.

  • During the revolution, he was notorious among enemy forces for having singlehandedly faced down and destroyed a number of tanks, primarily through the use of his high-caliber armor piercing pistol. His tendency to attack at point-blank range, along with his apparent disregard for enemy fire, resulted in most of the scars he bears today. It also earned him the nickname "reaper of iron", a moniker that inspired fear in enemy forces, and tank crews especially, until his seizure of power. Later, it inspired the tactics and equipment of the widely-feared Ironhand regiments, currently in service with the UYDF.

  • "Almaz" is a brand of vodka distilled and bottled by the Vozhd himself. Though he does not sell it, it may often be found at governmental functions and similar social gatherings, and is occasionally given out as a gift. Its production is something of a hobby, and its recipe has gone through decades of revisions and tweaks - access to a state-of-the-art chemical laboratory facilitates this, and allows for the addition of unique flavors and aromas.

  • He is an avid drinker of tea.

  • Though he does not own any pets, he regularly undertakes visits to the wildlife preserve on Stiln. He states that its atmosphere is helpful when deciding on matters of governance.

RP Sheet

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 192cm
Weight: 213kg
Hair Colour: Gray
Eye Colour: Gray

Other Defining Traits:

  • Numerous scars, primarily on the back and chest

  • Tattoo depicting the roman numeral VII on left bicep

  • Physically fit, despite advanced age

  • Abnormally high alcohol tolerance


Usually eloquent and soft-spoken. May seem cold when discussing matters of state or conversing with strangers, is far more open around acquaintances and friends, or when amused. Difficult to anger, and maintains cold demeanor while angered. Rarely raises his voice. Distrustful of strangers. Respects those he views as equals, views the oppressive and powermad with contempt. Passionately devoted to his cause and political alignment, and dedicated to serving the Yeglan people.


When not conducting governmental business, can often be found in his private gym. Practices recreational shooting, and often spars with members of his personal guard. Enjoys reading, particularly works on societal philosophy. Owns a custom, heavily-modified amphibious vehicle, which he often uses for transit around the nation. Refuses to hire a personal driver.

Skills & Abilities:

  • Charismatic leader
    Is possessive of considerable oratory skill, and has often provided rousing speeches to both his troops and the nation at large. Was successful in amassing a large guerrilla movement through similar speeches and presentation.

  • Experienced Chemist
    Holds a degree in chemistry, and has directly participated in research projects conducted by the Ministry of Science. Particularly interested in the possibilities opened up by the discovery of the Thaum, and the usage thereof.

  • Competent tactician
    Is well-versed in military command, and has led several successful campaigns. Equally at home with both conventional and guerrilla warfare, as well as naval combat. Tends towards patient observation and analysis of enemy forces, followed by their division, encirclement and elimination.

  • Skilled combatant
    Thanks to his background as a resistance fighter, is a capable gunman and soldier. Prefers the use of pistols over rifles, and has experience in hand-to-hand combat, as well as the use of various forms of blade. Has been trained in the usage of Dolya heavy combat suits, as well as the operation of combat vehicles.

  • Nanomechanical Matrix
    Has had his body infused with specialized nanopolymers, providing passive reinforcement to his bone structure, alongside a great increase in physical strength. Is capable of concentrating these into areas of skin and muscle in response to shock or at will, hardening the respective bodypart to the extent of shrugging off anti-tank munitions with ease. Such hardening is visually indicated by a matte-black sheen spreading over the affected area. These polymers function as an electrical insulator, and are also both abnormally heat-resistant, and extremely chemically stable, providing protection against corrosive and heat-based attacks.

    Additionally, Rasputin is capable of excreting nanopolymers from several points on his body, in the form of a dense black smoke. This may then be hardened for the purpose of both protection and offense, and sculpted into various weapons an implements. Unused material may be reabsorbed into the body by the same method. The weapons and tools produced via the matrix are varied, and respond to mental commands, allowing for telekinetic manipulation at a distance. Some known examples include:

    • Straight single-edged sword, variable size/length. Monomolecular edge.

    • Javelin, balanced for throwing, monomolecular tip. Expels part of its mass as pressurized smoke to increase velocity.

    • Drill-like lance, monomolecular tip. Can expel part of its mass as pressurized smoke in order to spin at high velocities.

    • Axe, variable size/length (ranging from a hatchet to a battleaxe). Monomolecular edge.

    • Hammer, variable size/length.

    • Wing-like appendages, variable solidity. Used as shielding from projectiles, or for direct physical strikes.

    • Mantle-like mass, draped over shoulders, variable solidity. Used as pseudo-body armor, and may shift to intercept more powerful attacks. May occasionally resolve itself into a greatcoat - "sleeve" appendages are independently articulate and capable of both projectile deflection and attacks.

    • Rapidly-shifting cloud of small crystals with monomolecular edges, employed to lacerate.

    • Gauntlet, variable size.

    • Rail-mounted guillotine-like blade, variable size and shape.

    • Additional limbs, variable size and shape.

    • Shield, variable size and shape.

    • Multi-stage penetrator construct, variable size. Monomolecular tip. An active, multi-stage weapon, propelled by a combination of pressurized smoke expulsion and telekinetic force. Vaguely conical. Designed for the termination of highly-armored targets, and anti-emplacement use. Has been known to punch through several meters of solid steel without issue.

    • Forearm-guards, capable of "plugging" into the loading ports of the thaumoelectric array (viz. below). Capable of converting energy absorbed via Give and Take into mana, then transferring it directly into the array, negating the need for ammunition.

    • Linear magnetic accelerator construct, alongside projectiles. Projectiles typically constitute monomolecular-tipped penetrator rounds (often multi-stage and self-propelled), the chemical composition of which is temporarily altered by their component nanomachines for the purpose of electrical conductivity, allowing for firing.

    Though the supply of nanomachines is finite, and they may technically be lost if excreted, they are also capable of assimilating raw material from the environment for the purposes of self-replication and replenishment. Additional units may also be sourced from external supplies, typically ingested in the form of pills or released from the "smoking" of specially-designed, visually-distinctive cigars. These are black in appearance, and produce a dense black smoke that is, in fact, simply an airborne cloud of nanomachines, when subjected to heat. Following the installation of thaumoelectric implants, the storage of nanopolymers is made far easier via the use of spatial folding, allowing for a far larger, non-Euclidean storage space, and a corresponding increase in capacity.

    Further upgrades have been made to the matrix over the years, including a measure of passive intracellular integration (allowing for the direct regulation of cellular functions on a molecular level, with applications such as the deconstruction and assimilation of toxins and pathogens, or even the re-elongation of telomeres), thaumic microcircuitry allowing for the channeling of specialized subsystems (viz. below), and the expansion of its passive defensive functions with a chemogeometrically adaptive factor.

  • Thaumoelectric Arrays
    Followning the recent discovery of thaumic particles by the Ministry of Science, Rasputin has had several experimental thaumomechanical devices implanted into his body. The most prominent of these is a network of integral arrays granting him the possession of considerable thaumic abilities. The primary array, integrated directly into the Vozhd's nanomechanical matrix, is responsible for the operation of a number of automated systems, and provides several passive abilities and benefits. These include:

    • Inner Fortress
      Unique defensive construct. Ultra-specialized derivative of Ward. Provides an immensely durable layer of shielding to the Vozhd's inner organ structures, with strength far surpassing even Grand Ward. Has the additional benefit of providing a potent mental barrier, in order to ward off psychic attacks. Is constantly active, though the mental component may be selectively bypassed by the Vozhd himself to allow for psychic communication. Its power source is unknown, and its presence is unacknowledged even by the Vozhd himself. As such, its origin and intended purpose are unclear.

    • Weave
      Unique support construct. Derivative of Mend. Allows for the regeneration and reattachment of lost extremities. Proceeds far more quickly if said extremity may be physically found and reattached, but may fully regenerate lost limbs, given time. Does not apply to the head, alongside several vital organs.

    • Give and Take
      Unique defensive/offensive construct. Not technically a derivative, but incorporates several components of Blast, Ward and Aegis. Provides the Vozhd's nanomechanical matrix with potent piezoenegetic properties - physical impacts against its surface will generate a measure of energy, which is then stored within internal capacitors. This energy may be selectively released by the Vozhd himself, for varying purposes. These include:

      • Explosive shockwaves. Emitted directionally, in order to augment blows, or radially, in order to scatter nearby opponents.

      • Directional pulses. Typically used to accelerate individual limbs during blows, or for mobility (as a form of pulse thruster). When combined with the passive effects of the nanomechanical matrix, alongside directed casting of Graviton Surge and Accelerator (see below), allows for immense striking force to be exerted.

      • Induced heating. Typically used to superheat the surface of the Vozhd's own body, making it hazardous to the touch.

      • Directed beams. Intensity is severely limited by range - best used in close-combat scenarios.

    The secondary array allows for the usage of more traditional, active-deployment constructs, albeit through a mechanism most akin to that of a firearm. Specialized mana cartridges may be loaded into concealed ports on his forearms, allowing for the casting of various spells, typically using the hands as a casting medium. Depleted cartridges are then ejected, and replaced with new ones.

    Rasputin's knowledge of thaumaturgy encompasses practically all constructs utilized by the UYDF, alongside a few that are exclusive to him. These are as follows:

    • Accelerator
      Unique support construct. Derived from components of Burden and Enfeeble, but re-polarized to provide an empowering effect. Drastically increases the strength and speed of muscular contractions, and provides a corresponding boost to reaction times and cognitive function. In effect, allows the user to move and react at vastly superhuman speeds for a short duration, while also granting them equally superhuman strength. Incredibly physically taxing, and capable of causing grievous internal damage with extended use - side-effects that are of no issue to the Vozhd, thanks to his nanomechanically-infused, abnormally durable body. Accelerator may also be applied to thrown or fired projectiles, or even mundane moving phenomena such as falling raindrops, to drastically increase their velocity and force.

    • Null
      Unique support construct. Derivative of Ping. Allows for the rapid analysis and partial replication of thaumic constructs and abilities present in the user's vicinity. Depending on the target, may be activated remotely or by medium of touch. Copied constructs may lose some of their inherent power based on their complexity, though with practice, the user may increase their potency to baseline levels. Copied constructs are permanently added to the user's thaumic repertoire.

  • SVETOVID/Headsman
    While no concrete details are known, there is a purported link between the Vozhd and the Headsman sub-initiative of project Svetovid. Since the existence of Svetovid, and the precise nature of Headsman in particular, is shrouded in secrecy, it is nigh-impossible to determine what such a connection actually entails. However, there have been occasional occurrences of what may only be described as probability warping surrounding the Vozhd - these seem to primarily aid him, though may sometimes cause a hindrance. On average, they merely ensure that a statistically anomalous number of mathematically improbable events, both beneficial and detrimental, occur in his vicinity. Whether there is any effect beyond this is unknown, and even this form of speculation is tenuous at best.

Typical Equipment:

  • Combat Knife
    Typically carries at least one combat knife at all times. Make and model vary.

  • The Perun
    A custom-built, single-shot, breech-loading pistol. Originally constructed from a heavily modified flare gun during his time as a resistance fighter, has since been rebuilt by Yeglan weapon engineers from the ground up. Chambered in specialized, large-caliber ammunition including buckshot and armor-piercing shells, capable of taking down even heavily-armored vehicles. Is essentially unusable without the use of a powered suit or skeletal reinforcement, as high recoil is sufficient to shatter arm bones. May also be loaded with various forms of thaumically-charged handload ammunition, allowing for a wide range of additional effects.

Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L. chart (baseline):

Strength: 8 (Circus Strongman)
Perception 6 (Alert Coyote)
Endurance: 9 (Bullet Proof)
Charisma: 7 (Diplomat)
Intelligence: 9 (Genius)
Agility: 6 (Catlike)
Luck: 5 (Coin Flip)

Fallout S.P.E.C.I.A.L. chart (post-augmentation):

Strength: 10+
Perception 7 (Big-Eyed Tiger)
Endurance: 10+
Charisma: 7 (Diplomat)
Intelligence: 9 (Genius)
Agility: 8 (Knife Catcher)
Luck: ??? (viz. above)

Karma: Neutral (True Mortal)


Heavy Handed
Your Melee and Unarmed attacks do more damage, but less critical hit damage.

Trigger Discipline
While using Guns and Energy Weapons, you fire 20% more slowly but are 20% more accurate.

Valentine Z-style stat page (not really accurate anymore, will probably edit at some point)

Name: Dmitri Rasputin, Vozhd of Yegla Islands
Class: Tank
HP: 165,000
Magazine Size: ∞
Damage Per Hit: Variable, 6000 on average
Rate of Fire: Variable, 0.90 on average
Damage Per Second: 5400

Primary: Nanomechanical Arsenal. Weapon is switched every few attacks, and includes Hardened Fists (all-rounded, medium damage & attack speed), Sword (medium-high damage, medium-low attack speed), Hammer (high damage, low attack speed), Hatchets (medium-low damage, medium-high attack speed) and Rapier (low damage, high attack speed).

Panzermensch (Passive): Takes 15% less damage from all sources. Taking damage increases resistance to that damage type based on damage done, stacks up to a total of 50%. Getting hit by a different damage type resets resistances.

Piercing Shot: After taking aim for 2.5 seconds, Rasputin fires a round from his Perun sidearm, dealing 7000 damage to a single target and stunning it for 1 second. Interruptible.

Accelerator: After channeling for 3 seconds, Rasputin boosts his own movement speed, attack speed and casting speed by 30% for 20 seconds. Interruptible.

Crux: Throws a jet-powered javelin, piercing through enemies and dealing 3,500 damage to each enemy hit. Has no cooldown or channeling time, but can hold a maximum of 3 charges, one of which regenerates every 5 seconds.

Reuse, Repurpose, Reconstruct: Emits a cloud of nanomachines with a radius of 4 meters that lasts for 30 seconds. Cloud will follow Rasputin, but may be directed to move away in a straight line with a second cast, and recalled with a third. Enemies in the cloud are dealt 50 damage every 0.3 seconds, and Rasputin is healed 100 points per second for every enemy affected.

Reaper of Iron (Ultimate): After channeling for 5 seconds, Rasputin sprouts a pair of bladed "wings" which impale the closest two targets within 10 metres, dealing 40,000 damage over 3 seconds to each. If only one target is available, both "wings" attack it. Both the targets and Rasputin are stunned for the duration of the impalement. Uninterruptible.

Immortal (Ultimate): After channeling for 3 seconds, Rasputin overcharges his defensive nanomachine matrix, increasing his base damage reduction to 30% and maximum damage reduction to 80% for the next 25 seconds. His movement speed is reduced by 20% for the duration, and he gains a 30% reduction to the duration of stun, slow and immobilization effects inflicted on him.


Rasputin is a tank character, and a melee brawler whose versatile attack patterns are enabled by his rapid switching of weapons, which he is capable of constructing and deconstructing at will. He is well-suited to taking punishment thanks to his "Panzermensch" passive. It grants him a small amount of resistance to all forms of damage, as well as a stacking resistance bonus to a specific damage type whenever he is hit. His sidearm is capable of inflicting heavy damage and a short stun against a single target, and Accelerator provides a temporary boost to movement, attack and cast speeds after a short channel. Against multiple enemies, he is capable of flinging up to three piercing javelins in quick succession, or deploying a life-draining cloud that heals him for every enemy caught within. His two ultimates give him the choice between a powerful boost to offense or defense. Reaper of Iron allows him to impale up to two enemies within ten metres, dealing heavy damage and stunning them. He himself is also stunned for the duration of the attack, provided it connects. Immortal grants a powerful defensive bonus via a massive increase in both passive and active resistances, as well as a reduction in the duration of crowd control effects. It does, however, slow him while active.