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The Labyrinth 2019: A Recruitment Campaign

Hello! I'd like to tell you about [region]The Labyrinth[/region], in case you're looking for a new home for your nation or a new community to join.

The Labyrinth was founded in 2014 by [nation]Dawsinian[/nation] under the pseudonym [nation]King Minos[/nation]. In its nearly 5 years of existence, the region has seen multiple rulers, changes in governing structure, and varying amounts of residing nations.

At the beginning of 2019, [nation]Vavax[/nation] stepped up to the [nation]King Minos[/nation] role and I officially became Queen. Since then, interest in the Nation States game has staggered in our region and we've fallen to a mere 45 nations. Even though we have a thriving discord community made up of friends we met on Nation States, it would be sad to see the region die completely.

We are mostly:
- In our teens and 20s
- Passionate about world politics and/or history
- Nerds about obscure topics that we like to share with others
- Memes

We're very laid back as a region. We don't do raids or roleplays and the only time we get serious is around election time. We love silly polls and just general sh!tposting on our regional message board. Our governing executives (Founder and WA Delegate) are active so safety here is guaranteed.

If you're more interested in the community aspect: we've got you covered. We have a discord server for general gameplay [url=](join here)[/url], and private server run by me that's more personal. If you love the region you're in, no problem! You can either create a puppet to reside in our region or simply join us on discord.

Hope to see you around!

The Queendom of Ashtie