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Great Argument of 6 April 2019

First Phase
Second Phase
Third Phase
Fourth Phase

Great Argument of 6 April 2019

Furbish Islands walking into the FCN Discord,
seeing the argument unfold, near the end of the first phase

6-7 April 2019

Federation of Conservative Nations

Flame war in the FCN Discord server

-One thousand messages purged from general chat
-Doge Republics dismissed as secretary of war and homeland security
-Rivine chosen as replacement.
-CCS and UCS founder accounts taken, but returned
-Creeperopolis and Doge Republics banned from Discord numerous times
-Furbish Islands promoted to ensign by Rivine
-Ban of Doge Republics upheld by court


- Kicked or Banned from Discord
- Ejected from Region
- Fired from Current Job

Casualties and Losses

-Creeperopolis banned three times
-Gagium's sanity

-Banned six times
-Fired from all jobs
-Ejected from region
-UCS and CCS founder accounts taken over(later given back)
-Several hours the FCN will never get back
-Both FCN Minecraft servers

Several people from the Regional Message Board of the Federation of Conservative Nations and the Discord server played a game of, which is a game where one person draws a certain word he is given, and the rest must guess what it is. This game was played many times in the past by people in the FCN before without causing major arguments.

However, in this game, an argument broke out when it was Gagium's turn to draw. Doge would later describe it as inappropriate and sexual, and as the reason as to why he was kicked from the game. Gagium did not actually draw something, but wrote a sentence to hint the word. While it may be slightly suggestive, it was not as bad as Doge described.

Gagium erased what he wrote, and drew something else to hint his word. Nobody in the game managed to guess it after the time was over. He was believed to be trolling in the game instead of actually playing, and he was kicked. Angry at being kicked, Gagium rejoined the game and kicked Creeperopolis from the Discord server, while asking him "how does it feel?". Gagium would later claim that this too was a joke.

This began the first phase of the argument. Doge got angry after Creeper was kicked, and started an argument in the FCN Discord server. Gagium argued for hours against Doge, Creeper, and Viridus about the matter. Viridus and Creeper left eventually, while Doge and Gagium continued arguing.

New Waldensia and Furbish Islands joined the server near the end of the first phase. New Waldensia had no idea what was going on, and left soon after. Gagium then purged one thousand messages, beginning the second phase of the argument. The purge spawned several memes about Thanos, who in Infinity War snapped his fingers to get rid of half the universe.

These memes did not last long, before argument continued. Doge began various accusations of Gagium. Gagium then asked several times for Doge to stop, but Doge refused to stop, and continued arguing with Gagium. Gagium got angry and muted Doge, but the mute role was ineffective. Doge continued arguing, and Quebecshire joined, arguing against Gagium.

Doge was then banned several times, but rejoined. He began arguing with Gagium in the immigration applications channel, rather than the general. By this point, Quebec left. Libervalley, Israeli Tuamotu Archipelago, and Furby tried but failed to get the argument to stop. They all eventually left.

In their absence, Creeper joined Gagium in the argument. He fired Doge from his positions. Furby briefly returned to see the initial argument over, with Doge fired. He believed with the end of the second phase, the argument was over, and went to bed. Quebec said that firing Doge as secretary of war was a bad idea.

Late at night, Doge did several more acts that lead to his banning from the FCN. He was already accused of breaking the fourth rule with his consistent arguing. Doge first changed the code of FCN bot to ban Creeper, in what was described as treasonous and coup like. He also took over the UCS and CCS accounts, though he returned both of those.

As a result of this, Creeper banned Doge from the FCN. Doge sent out a telegram to all region members, telling his side of the story. He left out several facts about what happened, although did admit some of the things he did which were mentioned above. Doge said he does not care about being banned, contrasting to what he said earlier about it being a bad idea for him to be fired from his previous positions.

After the ending of the third phase in the early morning, the fourth phase of the argument began in the aftermath. Furby, reading about what happened, specifically LiberNovusAmericae saying that Doge's actions are worthy of a spot on the hall of shame, Furby wrote a bill to the senate doing so, but the bill failed to pass.

Viridus, who left in the first phase before it escalated too far, believed the ban gone too far. He accused Gagium of some of the same things Doge accused him of, and took Creeper's ban to court. After a review of screenshots of messages between Doge and Creeper, the court upheld the ban.