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I'm sorry to say this, but I will be leaving NS.

Well, you see, i've simply gotten bored with NS, I haven't been doing much, and I don't plan to do much, so I might as well quit while i'm ahead. If u wanna get in touch with me, i'm Chesist#8048 on Discord and u/Chesist on Reddit. I'm probably gonna use NS as a Discord-like service to talk with my friends during school hours, and, who knows, I may return someday.

[b]What will happen to True Land?[/b]
I encourage everybody to move elsewhere, namely Lardyland, the region will be passworded, and some kind folks will remain there so that normies don't refound it.

[b]Special Thanks[/b]
[nation]Lol my name jeff[/nation], [nation]Hubba Bubba ya Motha[/nation], [nation]Big boie[/nation], [nation]Spencerism[/nation], [nation]Kool Kids Klub[/nation], [nation]Horry[/nation], [nation]Republic of Estopia[/nation], [nation]Deletes[/nation], [nation]Cananadal[/nation], [nation]Kitty landio[/nation], and [nation]Gechensburg[/nation]: Thanks for being current or former IRL friends with me, I know I can be a lil stupid sometimes, and that I had an NS addiction a while back, so, thanks for stickin' with me.

[nation]Wildberry kingdom[/nation]: Thanks for writing that super nice dispatch about me, and being an all-around nice guy, I enjoyed every single time we talked.

[nation]Francous[/nation]: Thanks for being the dude that helped me step outside my bubble and for being a mentor. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without you.

[nation]Pizzaaaaa[/nation]: Thanks for being one of the most loyal guys in TL, I knew I could always count on ya and have a good time too.

[region]nasunia[/region]: Thanks for being an awesome region, anytime I went to Nasunia, I knew I would have a good time and make new friends.

[nation]Ballpit[/nation]: You were a great leader of TYA, I know that I might've caused a lil bit of trouble, but I hope you find success in NS, my man.

[region]Lardyland[/region]: Thanks for being such epic gamers, no matter how bad I felt, I knew that Lardyland would always cheer me up.

[region]The Democratic Republic of Freedom[/region]: Thanks for being great helpers, without y'all, I barely would've been able to accomplish anything.

And, thank you to literally everybody I have met on my journey through NS, it has been an honor to meet the great people on this site.

Sooo... I guess this is a final goodbye