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I'm sorry to say this, but I will be leaving NS.

Well, you see, i've simply gotten bored with NS, I haven't been doing much, and I don't plan to do much, so I might as well quit while i'm ahead. If u wanna get in touch with me, i'm Chesist#8048 on Discord and u/Chesist on Reddit. I'm probably gonna use NS as a Discord-like service to talk with my friends during school hours, and, who knows, I may return someday.

What will happen to True Land?
I encourage everybody to move elsewhere, namely Lardyland, the region will be passworded, and some kind folks will remain there so that normies don't refound it.

Special Thanks
Lol my name jeff, Hubba bubba ya motha, Big boie, Spencerism, Kool kids klub, Horry, Republic of estopia, Deletes, Cananadal, Kitty landio, and Gechensburg: Thanks for being current or former IRL friends with me, I know I can be a lil stupid sometimes, and that I had an NS addiction a while back, so, thanks for stickin' with me.

Wildberry kingdom: Thanks for writing that super nice dispatch about me, and being an all-around nice guy, I enjoyed every single time we talked.

Francous: Thanks for being the dude that helped me step outside my bubble and for being a mentor. I wouldn't have gotten anywhere without you.

Pizzaaaaa: Thanks for being one of the most loyal guys in TL, I knew I could always count on ya and have a good time too.

nasunia: Thanks for being an awesome region, anytime I went to Nasunia, I knew I would have a good time and make new friends.

Ballpit: You were a great leader of TYA, I know that I might've caused a lil bit of trouble, but I hope you find success in NS, my man.

Lardyland: Thanks for being such epic gamers, no matter how bad I felt, I knew that Lardyland would always cheer me up.

The Democratic Republic of Freedom: Thanks for being great helpers, without y'all, I barely would've been able to accomplish anything.

And, thank you to literally everybody I have met on my journey through NS, it has been an honor to meet the great people on this site.

Sooo... I guess this is a final goodbye