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The Chiaroscuro Gazette - Vol. 2

Issue 2 - April 2019

Rumbling on the Right

It seems as though the prominent regions on the Right in NS are experiencing some major changes. Hispanyo, and his Iron Confederacy, have fallen into a pit of monotony, sulking back to the darkest corners of the far-right ideological centers, while continuing on a blind crusade. This stands in stark contrast with Vungar and Farkasfalka, however, which have been experiencing domestic turmoil, even being raided in a show of force by a coalition against them, after having been exiled from the RTA. Sources say that concerns of espionage are rampant in the region and there are even hints that the leadership in the government is losing stability, with a potential shift in power being set up. The future is uncertain, but as always we will hold true to our name and watch from the shadows.
Scath news agency

A Message from Comackia

As Interior Minister, I feel like I should talk about the state of foreign affairs; even if I donít know as much about the current events as the chancellor and Foreign Minister. I may not know about these events, but I think I can add something to the conversation with my other current positions in the RTA and my past responsibilities in the PCWZ. Inside the government, there is (sadly) a divide going on. One side that wants to stick to the neutral stance that we pride ourselves on and another that wants to join in with raiding groups and raid with them. I believe that there should be a balance, Scath has to assert its dominance in the world around it, but it doesnít have to get a name with other raiding groups. People criticize my opinion on these because they believe that there is no way to truly be great unless others fear you like if you are just as bad as the Black Hawks. The thing is, it is completely possible to be respected and go down in history without being a raiding group. I did that exact thing back in the PCWZ and I am doing the same thing everywhere else. I plead to the rest of the government and the citizenship of Scath to not go down a path of continuous raiding and total aggression. The second that we fall to that fate is the second that we have abandoned all of our morals and destroyed the very foundations that our region is built on. This is not a cry that the government isnít functioning or that there is even a large problem, this government and region is doing about as good as it can given the situation. I just feel that someone has to reinforce the ideals of a militarily powerful Scath that maintains its reputation as a respectable group of people; something that leaves any region that turns to raider groups as a source of alliances and aid. Thank you for reading and I hope Scath continues on as it has and doesnít go down a chain of events that will result in the downfall of our current societal atmosphere and political landscape.
New comackia

Informer Aftermath

In last month's issue, I published the Scath Intelligence Agency's findings relating to The informer. We concluded with myriad evidence that it was, in fact, the Republic of Rajputana. In the days that followed, there have been numerous publications from him and his supporters decrying the facts. They claimed that we're a "dictatorship", that we have "no right to accuse [him]" and that he was just trying to honor a treaty with his allies.

With all this high and mighty posturing they did, thinking that we were getting ready to invade them, and having their allies create a "round formation of mutual self-indulgence", there is a clear consequence that has gone largely unreported. Ever since we released that report, all threats from The Informer (Rajputana) have gone away. He hasn't sent any messages. He hasn't contacted us in any way. All that happened was him using his account(s) to attempt to defend himself briefly, and when he realized that all we did was shed light on his actions (and make him fear a regional invasion) he backed off. He talks about how they can "turn [our] dictatorship upside down", but there are two things wrong with that. First - we're more of a republic than a dictatorship. Second - by the looks of things, we had much more of an impact on you than you did on us.

Restore The Right

The Government of Scath is now sponsoring a policy and campaign to Restore The Right. What this entails is a sort of ideological prism of actions that are aimed at opposing far-reaching elements of the ideological right, namely nazism and fascism, while protecting the more moderate elements. In international politics, it is all too easy for anyone right-of-center to be false-flagged as a nazi/fascist/sympathizer and be treated as guilty until proven innocent, as I have personally dealt with. The people who oppose fascism claim to be fighting for freedom, but true freedom is the right to self determination. Ideological crusades against the innocent are no less immoral coming from the sickle and hammer than they are coming from the swastika or the fasces. As of now, our official foreign policy stance is an opposition to extremism on both sides, with a focus on protecting the moderate right, who are victimized far more than their left-leaning counterparts. The tactics of guilt by association, presumption of guilt, and ideological grandstanding must end. The choices in the extremes of NationStates are tyranny of the crown and tyranny of the mob. Only a select few win in either scenario. Choose freedom and peace over perpetual conflict and hatred.

The government of Scath is currently seeking out recruits for military and intelligence training and missions. If you are interested, please join our Linkdiscord server.

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