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Taco Day

In order to keep the memory of Taco Country alive we have decided to start Taco Day back up again which used to be a celebration the people of Taco Country celebrated before all being blown up.

Hereís the old document scavenged from the remnants of Taco Country:

After three hours of a political meeting on deciding what to do with Taco Tuesday, the politics finally came up with an answer: The Taco Day Legislation
This day known as Taco Day will be celebrated every third Tuesday of every month.
This celebration will consist of the following:
-Parades and marches
-Guess stars and famous singers
-A day off from school and work
-The first 100 tacos are free

The Health:
Now with the people being obese there will be a national Exercise Day every Wednesday and the peopleís supply of tacos are limited to 2 a day except on Taco Day.
Schools no longer consist of about 40 minutes of gym rather now at the end of the day thereís a two hour gym time after school that students MUST attend.

Sorry for the black smudges itís been untouched in a destroyed bulding for over 6 months..