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The Weekly Union News - Home

[size=150]The [b]Weekly Union News[/b] is the regional newspaper, managed by the Committee on Regional Journalism under the Ministry of the Interior. Its Head is [nation]Caduceo[/nation], and the current Senior Editors are Minister of the Interior [nation]Birdie Town[/nation] and President-Elect [nation]Corolines[/nation].[/size]

[size=150]If you want to write an article for the WUN, please ask one of the senior members of the CRJ or ask the Founder [nation]The State of Yi[/nation] personally. There are four categories you can write about:[/size]

[size=150][b]Local News[/b] details regional happenings, such as elections, roleplay, news laws and policies, and the like.[/size]
[size=150][b]Foreign News[/b] details interregional happenings, such as opening/closing embassies, raids, elections, and other things happening in other regions.[/size]
[size=150][b]Board News[/b] details significant posts or conversations on the RMB, such as announcements, spammers, and mini-RP.[/size]
[size=150][b]Exclusive News[/b] details interviews with important people inside and outside the region, as well as give a sneak peek into important policy changes.[/size]

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