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The Weekly Union News - Home

The Weekly Union News is the regional newspaper, managed by the Committee on Regional Journalism under the Ministry of the Interior. Its Head is Caduceo, and the current Senior Editors are Minister of the Interior Birdie town and President-Elect Corolines.

If you want to write an article for the WUN, please ask one of the senior members of the CRJ or ask the Founder The state of yi personally. There are four categories you can write about:

Local News details regional happenings, such as elections, roleplay, news laws and policies, and the like.

Foreign News details interregional happenings, such as opening/closing embassies, raids, elections, and other things happening in other regions.

Board News details significant posts or conversations on the RMB, such as announcements, spammers, and mini-RP.

Exclusive News details interviews with important people inside and outside the region, as well as give a sneak peek into important policy changes.

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