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The Rose Dragon Treaty


The Hall of The Red Rose's Dragon Head and The West Pacific's Dragon Emperor, seeking ten thousand years of harmony between both regions, hereby sign this treaty in accord. May this launch a firm, lasting, and sincere friendship between the two regions.

Section I: Limitations of Regional Independence

It is acknowledged that the nations of Kawaii Schoolgirl and Madame Victoria are controlled by the same player. While Kawaii Schoolgirl, or any TWP puppet nation controlled by the player, is a government official in The West Pacific, The Hall is restricted from engaging in offensive military action against a treatied ally of The West Pacific.

However, it shall be stated for the record that:

A. This limitation does not in any way shape or form give The West Pacific right to control or otherwise subvert the region of The Hall of The Red Rose or its people. The Hall of The Red Rose retains its complete unrestricted independence, and if an offensive military action should be taken by The Hall of The Red Rose, it is the region and its leadership's prerogative to do so, understanding, however, that it could mean the termination of this treaty.
B. The Hall of The Red Rose is free to wage a cold war with the treatied allies of The West Pacific as long as no direct offensive military action takes place.
C. If The West Pacific Delegate grants approval for hot war between a treatied ally and The Hall of The Red Rose, then it shall be made an exception.

Section II: Recognition of Sovereignty

A. The members of this treaty recognize the independence and sovereignty of the current government of each region and agree to recognize any legal government that follows.
B. Each member region recognizes that the sovereignty of each government is vested in the delegate and/or the founder and reflected in the decisions they make, and the authority they maintain as symbols of unity and stability for their region.
C. Both regions agree not to take up arms against one another, nor undertake any action that is aimed at the subversion of the legitimate government of either region.
D. Neither region shall enact law which cedes sovereign control of its government to a third party not native to its region.

Section III: Military Cooperation

A. The Hall of The Red Rose shall provide The West Pacific Armed Forces (TWPAF) with an unspecified number of trained personnel for the purposes of advanced training and operations.
B. Personnel sent to The West Pacific Armed Forces will be expected to follow the orders of The West Pacific Chain of Command and be expected to conduct themselves with the utmost respect and behavior. Any personnel failing to do so may subject of banishment from The Hall of The Red Rose at the Dragon Head's discretion.
C. Members designated by The Hall of The Red Rose's Dragon Head shall be granted the right to recruit on the West Pacific's Regional Message Board, Forum, and Discord.

Section IV: Diplomatic Cooperation

A. Each signatory may endeavor to provide diplomatic support to the other signatory, where it is possible for them to do so, while being consistent with their own internal policies.
B. Signatory regions shall provide an embassy for the other signatory and may provide a representative from their region who will act as an ambassador from their region.
C. Each signatory will endeavor to keep the other up-to-date on their regional affairs.
D. Each ambassador shall behave in a respectable manner towards the signatory region. This includes, but is not limited to, obeying regional laws where it is applicable and following any ambassadorial protocol that the signatory region has already in place.
E. Either signatory region may request that the ambassador sent to them by the other signatory be replaced if it is deemed that clauses IV.C or IV.D have not been followed appropriately by that individual.

Section V: Cultural Activities

A. Each signatory will endeavor, where appropriate, to engage in social and cultural activities with the other signatory. This can include, but is not limited to, festivals, competitions, and other shared events.

Section VI: Termination of Treaty

A. If either regional government is considering withdrawal from this treaty, representatives from both regions must first meet and make a good-faith effort to find a solution to the issue(s) causing withdrawal.
B. If that good-faith effort fails, then either member of this treaty may withdraw by posting a notice in the embassy of the other region.
C. Termination of this treaty shall not be seen as an act of war or hostility by either side.