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FNR | Founders Office


Founded January 15, 2016 - United December 25, 2016

Department of The Founder

Founder Nation: Crystalsummer
Founder (as of Sept. 2020): Heaveria

The Founder is the nation that created The Free Nations Region. Although the Founder has ultimate authority over the region, the constitution limits exercise of this power.

The Founder of The Free Nations Region may only appoint those nations chosen by the membership of the Free Nations Region and exercise his powers of Communication, Polls, Embassies, Appearance and Border Control with the explicit permission of the Government.

The Founder can contribute to the government's task upon request of the government.

The Founder of The Free Nations Region is a very sacred position in the region. At times, it can be misunderstood, or not sure how to be handled. This bill is intended to establish clarity about the office, and how it should operate within the region. Below are the outlines for this office,

  • Crystalsummer will be the only founder of this region. No other government officer or person thereof may claim the responsibilities laid out.

  • The Founderís sole role in the region is as ceremonial head of state.

  • The Founder may make speeches to the legislature, the citizens, or be invited to special events to speak. This includes in other regions, special events, or interregional organizations.

  • The Founder may hold summits, but is not allowed to speak for the government. These summits are only allowed to be for ceremonial purposes.

  • The Founder, along with the moderators are charged with handling all OOC incidents. This is defined as an Out of Character Incident. The Founder may punish that individual, or deem an appropriate actions along with the moderators discussion, and approval.

  • The Founder may issue ceremonial decrees. Those decrees only cover pardons for minor crimes, award the Founder's Medal of Freedom, or Special Holiday remembrances.

  • The Founder is a normal citizen and holds the same rights as all citizens.

  • The Founder is subject to all laws or boundaries placed upon the region and its citizens.

  • The Founder does not have any direct influence on the running of the government, but may advise the government.

  • During a time of crisis, the Founder may be granted additional permissions and executive authority. If there is a crisis or if the government goes inactive for more than 15 days, the Founder may recall the government, and ask the Chief Justice to hold elections. Before this happens, the Chief Justice must put it up to vote in the Supreme Court, and it must pass with a majority vote. The Founder may declare a state of emergency only with the approval of the Supreme Court.

  • The Office of The Founder is to be recognized ceremonially as the fourth branch of government with no official governing power.

  • The Founder is the owner and primary administrator of the forum.


My agenda for the Spring Session is:

  • Increase our population to 900 nations!

  • Increase our WA Delegateís Endorsements to 300.

  • Establish closer relations with The North Pacific.

  • Establish an Embassy with The South Pacific.

  • Decide on the future of our Constitution!

  • Decide what our role, and future in the URA will be!

The Medal of Freedom of the Founder of the Free Nations Region


Founded January 15, 2016 - United December 25, 2016

The Founder's Medal of Freedom

Acting Founder: Heaveria (Sep. 2020 - Present)
Medals Awarded: 2









Doctors Orvos


The Founder's Medal of Freedom is the highest award you can receive in The Free Nations Region! It is presented by the founder! To win this award is a once of a life time opportunity. The winners are inducted to a club where they will be remembered forever for their hard work, dedication, loyalty, and sacrifices they made for the region, defending other regions, and being a role model nation! Once you are inducted into this club it is forever a bind that will never be broken!! On this day January 23, 2017 this award will reign supreme to the region as an example of what any nation can achieve! In my most favorite quote by MLK "We Shall Over Come!"
The Founders Medal of Freedom Club
1.Lenlyvit 1/23/17
2.Somy 1/23/17
3.Kanglia 1/23/17
4.The Noble Thatcherites 1/23/17
5.Narvatus 2/12/17
6.Givera 3/6/17
7.Heaveria 3/6/16
8.Democratic republic of denland 4/27/17
9.The Glorious Hypetrain 4/27/17
10.Chimordgia 5/23/17
11.Zion Imperium 5/23/17
12.Trajistia 5/23/17
13. Tigerania 8/25/17
14. South Asians 03/21/19
15.Abidawe 03/21/19
16.The greatest bestest nation 04/04/19
17.Queen Yuno 04/21/19
18.Marilyn manson freaks 04/21/19
19.Holly United 04/21/19
20.Vostrov 6/16/19, 04/4/20
21.Hansdeltania 6/16/19
22.My Nation 6/16/19
23.OF Arian Hellas 7/14/19
24.Emaha 10/28/19
25.Hetairaea 1/19/20
26.Greater Cadia 4/3/20, 04/18/20

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