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Sunday 31 March 2019
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Regional News
Political Parties Are Back!

24 March 2019
Today the President of the Free Nations Region South Asians announced the return of political parties in The Free Nations Region. The Government has formed a set of rules and regulations for the parties and the process of making a political party. For more information read the dispatch given below.
OF Arian Hellas retained his WA Delegacy

23 March 2019
OF Arian Hellas got reelected for a second term as the WA Delegate of the Free Nations Region. The election started with a two day poll in which all the members of World Assembly who are residing within the Free Nations Region had a chance to announce their candidacy for the second part of the elections. Only one member OF Arian Hellas, our current WA Delegate announced his candidacy. The second part was a vote of confidence in which OF Arian Hellas got 24 votes in favor of him and two votes against him while 7 people abstained from voting thus resulting a landslide victory for OF Arian Hellas. All residents of The Free Nations Region are recommended to join the World Assembly and endorse OF Arian Hellas. Participate in our Regional Assembly Endorsement Program to get a lot of endorsements and increase the security of our region. page=dispatch/id=1186535
Stamp Bank Reopened!

4 March 2019
President of The Free Nations Region South Asians has reopened the Stamp Bank Initiative. If you are interested in buying stamps and donating them to us for recruitment and increase activity of The Free Nations Region; Read this dispatch. page=dispatch/id=923759
Crystalsummer announced the recipients of the Founder's Medal for Freedom

22 March 2019
Founder of The Free Nations Region Crystalsummer has awarded the Founder's Medal of Freedom the highest civilian honor in The Free Nations Region to Abidawe and South Asians.
Here is the full announcement:
Crystalsummer wrote:One of my duties here in the region is to present the Founder’s Medal of Freedom. It has been a long time since the last recipient of this honor. Today we honor The Founder and the very first Grand General of NSIDC, Abidawe. I met Abidawe a little before The ITDA collapsed. He offered me a position in NSIDC and I’ve been there ever since. He was once apart of our great region.
Our second recipient is the President of FNR South Asians. He’s been a big part of our region’s revival and continues to shape our region into being one of the best regions we have today. Congratulations to both recipients. The names of all the recipients can be found here

Kalarashqu wins the FNR Motto Contest

14 March 2019
Kalarashqu has won the Free Nations Region Motto Contest. His entry "Freedom Prevails!" got the most number of votes in the poll with eight votes. Chimordgia is the runner-up with six votes for his entry "A bright day today, A brighter future tomorrow."
We would like to congratulate Kalarashqu for winning this contest and applaud all the other participants for participating in this contest. His entry will now be featured forever in our World Factbook Entry.

Hansdeltanian Defense Ministry decommissions 150 Fighter Jets

8 March 2019
The Department of Defense of Hansdeltania has authorized the Air Force to decommission 150 of its F-4EH Iron Phantom fleet. The Defence Ministeries of Saint Hal, Manoresca and South Asians bought 10, 20 and 30 of those fighter jets respectively. Each of these fighter jets costed 15 million hansdeltanos.
Six Nations joined CETO

March 9 2019
CETO (Central Eusian Treaty Organization) is an organisation that oversees free trade between its signatories. Its current signatories are:-
• Friesenland
• Saint Hal
• Manoresca
• Normandy-Calias
• Teshkeshia
• New Friesenland
For more info on CETO read this dispatch. page=dispatch/id=1179062
Credits- South Asians, Hansdeltania and Friesenland

Polls and Fun
Credits- South Asians

Interregional News
Imki Resigns as the Delegate of Lazarus

28 March 2019
Imkiville has resigned as the CEO/WA Delegate of Lazarus. Imki became the delegate after overthrowing her predecessor Killer Kitty therefore ending the coup orchestrated by the Lone Wolves United in Lazarus which lasted for a month. Her term of 11 months saw the transition of Lazarus from a Wolfist state to An Anarchy state and then as a Corporate state. Imki has said in her resignation letter that the reason of her resignation her busy real life schedule. We would like to wish Imki best of luck for her future endeavors.
Altino abdicates as the Pharaoh of Osiris; Lynxi is the heiress apparent

25 March 2019
Altinsane will soon abdicate as the Pharoah of the Osiris Fraternal Order.
She said in an interview with the Rejected Times that "we've made a lot of "eternal delegate" jokes... and stepped into a lot of "beat Solorni's record" spaces… I have always known that was not going to be a thing that happened. I am a realistic person and I know that even if I kept up the energy to keep pushing out new ideas and programs forever, by doing so I would be stealing from Osiris vital changes and opportunities to evolve. That's not what I want. We have achieved so much together and changed Osiris in so many shockingly well-maneuvered directions, and I am so proud of all of us for it... but I can feel myself slowing down. I can feel that we've reached the end of what my vision really had to offer Osiris at this point in time."
Altino is scheduled to abdicate on 31st March and will be replaced by Lynxi as the Pharaoh of Osiris.
Credits- South Asians

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