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NEVER Drink and Drive

Dear Reader,

    Recently, my friend was killed in a car accident caused by his car being rear-ended by a drunk driver before another drunk driver hit both cars. Through this pain and agony, it has led me to realize one thing; people don't care about people's safety when they drink. People only worry about getting places when they drink. They don't consider the hazards or who they could hurt or kill. Whether that be a three-month-old child or an eighty-year-old man.

    - Every single day, 29 people in the United States die in vehicle crashes (boat, car) that involve an influenced driver
    - This can add up to 10,585 people who die in DUI-related car crashes every year
    - Nearly every 50 minutes, someone in the US will die of a DUI-related accident
    - 88,000 deaths yearly
    - 2.5 million years of potential life lost combined
    - These accidents are also very costly; $44 billion is the typical cost

    There will always be issues in the world. However, this is one that seems to be a silent killer. Drunk driving seems not to be as talked about as murder. Firearm Deaths and others are more talked about than DUI-related deaths. However, that is a problem. Because according to this study:

Image can be found Linkhere

    As you can see from this graph, motor vehicle deaths outdo gun deaths. This is a massive problem because even if more people die in motor crashes, murders are still talked about more. This kind of explains why drunk driving happens more often than murder happens. Even if people get arrested for DUIs, they don't stay as long as murders do even if they kill someone they crash into.

    Not drinking while driving is very simple!

    1. Don't drink too much - Drink a limited amount if you drink.
    2. If you feel a tad buzzed, DESIGNATE A DRIVER
    3. If nobody is sober enough to drive, find a hotel
    4. Don't say "I think I will be okay,"

    Also, there are people who drive while texting. This is just as dangerous as driving while under the influences of drugs or alcohol. Leave the message on your phone. The message is not worth the lives of people. It CAN and it WILL wait. Don't let yourself wind up as one of these people that crash because they are texting while driving.

- Deer

The Northern Republic of Deerfenland