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TEP Ministry of WA Affairs: Official Opinion on "Repeal 'Liberate Confederation of Corrupt Dictators'"

Opinion on Repeal "Liberate Confederation of Corrupt Dictators"
Office of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs of the East Pacific

The repeal now at Vote targets an offensive liberation of the internationally disgraced Confederation of Corrupt Dictators. This region is known for harboring Nazi sympathizers and supporting a variety of abhorrent ideologies. While its leadership has made overtures to reform, substantive change with regard to the region's faults has not yet developed. While the offensive nature of the targeted liberation must be considered in evaluating this repeal, so must the character of the liberated region and the text of the repeal meant to remove that liberation.

As has been established, the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators has few if any redeeming qualities, and its liberation addresses its signature faults very clearly. The repeal dismisses the concerns raised in the liberation without disproving them or demonstrating any degree of improvement. In place of relevant evidence or argument it substitutes low-effort jokes, demeaning the reputation of the Security Council for little other reason than to grant the region in question more publicity during the April Fool's event.

It must also be raised that the author of this repeal is an officer in the targeted region's government, and the coauthor is none other than the executive founder of that same government. That no member of the World Assembly outside the Confederation's own government was interested in developing a repeal of this liberation truly speaks volumes with regard to the region's international standing and merit.

For these reasons, this ministry sees no value in this repeal effort, and highly recommends a vote against it.