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by The Multinational Corporation of Confederation State Broadcasting. . 232 reads.


an imprint of Confederation of Corrupt Dictators
Disseminated from a disclosed bunker in Shronok

!st April, 2019.
Published from the Confedereichstag, 1 Emperor Avenue, 3926, Vocryae, Jocospor

The Imperial Empire retires; Confederation in chaos

VOCRYAE: It can only be said plainly: The Imperial Empire of Jocospor is stepping down, and in doing so will systematically destroy the Confederation of Corrupt Dictators.

The first horrible shock came to most when the Viceroy of the Confederation, Sir Walter Memmon HCF HCS KOSH, delivered an address to the Imperial Press Club this morning.

"Regions rise and regions fall. So too do nations. Our Confederation has enjoyed immense prosperity throughout her time. It grieves me, personally and deeply, to admit to you today that, for such prosperity to perpetuate, new governance is required."

After this address, Memmon withdrew to the Imperial Palace and tendered his resignation as the Confederation's longest serving leader. Others followed suit: Robert Kraaken HCF of Jocospor, High Delegate to the World Assembly; Grulain Curronfold HCF of ShrewLlamaLand; Chancellor of the Supreme Judiciary; Udutai Choban of Khanbaliq Mongolia, Chairman of the Civil Congress; Sevel Oklan of Krvava Koupel, Head of the Department of Education; and other high ranking officials.

His Supreme Majesty, Emperor Emanoel II HCF HCS KOSH accepted, and then soon after appeared in a royal broadcast to the Confederation, informing the region of what had transpired.

"As a result of these developments, it falls to me to appoint a new Viceroy of the Confederation. Contrarily, I no longer see the need. Hereby, I do dissolve Imperial Law, relinquishing the Confederation from Imperial possession. Today she becomes her own free region, and the Imperial Empire shall play no future part in her direction."

Across the Confederation, mass protests and riots have broken out. "It's the ultimate betrayal," one potato farmer said before hurling a spud at a CSB camera crew.

Confederation forces have been turned out to quiet the insurrection...but no one's really sure who they serve.

It goes without saying the ramifications of all this are enormous. With the dissolution of Imperial Law, every government office becomes invalid. The Confederation, then, has been left in a state of anarchy - which is perhaps how we were able to disseminate this article.

Those Supreme Councillors that did not resign were seemingly taken by surprise and have reacted accordingly. In what can only have been a bid to defend self interest, the Minister for War, Sir Dimitri Ivanov HCF KOSH of Depackya, raised a private force of men loyal to his name and seized control of Confedereichstag II. The government complex, whilst based in Vocryae, is under the jurisdiction of Confederation law - none of which now exists. The Army, Navy and Air Force have all proclaimed Ivanov the region's successive Emperor.

Meanwhile, Lucius Sulinus HCF of Riakou, Director of the Exchequer of the Imperial Treasury, has frozen the transaction of all Confederation assets and terminated the Imperial Stock Exchange. Not surprisingly, economies across the region have begun their steep collapse. Sulinus, who reportedly has the backing of Memmon and other official Jocospites, is offering financial assurances to those who will join with him. As of now, The Order of the Holy Inquisitors, Scherzinger and Wilhelms have pledged to support the Imperial Treasury. There's even whispering that the Foreign Office under Castelia will side with Sulinus, coupling coin and inter-regional support. Secretary of State Brendan Mendara, however, has not been seen since late last night.

What remains of the Social Assembly and Confederation State Broadcasting has fled with Naora Natson HCF and Judas Lyon HCF to an undisclosed location within Shronok, where this article was typed. In fear of what will come, we can say no more about our current situation. Analysts predict that there will be a terrific war between Ivanov and Sulinus; Natson has denounced their actions and will not support the ambition and bloodlust of either.

And in the middle of it all stands Jocospor. "I can't say it was an easy decision," Memmon said, sipping his glass of Monet and Chardon while watching the television replay scenes including firebombings and tear gas.

"It's a large part of the Imperial Empire's history and it's over now. A bittersweet moment for all us Jocospites."

As well as withdrawing from the Confederation, the Imperial Cabinet has expressed adopting a quieter foreign policy.

"Everyone's had enough to do with the World Assembly," said Farland Macmillan, Grand High Direktor of the Empire. "Sure, the discourse was certainly chunky enough - hell, I was even beginning to warm to some of our adversaries. But there'll be no more proposals bearing our name, you have my word."

While the forces of 'Emperor' Dimitri Ivanov practically control Vocryae and the surrounding cities, there's a rumour spreading that His Supreme Majesty and his inner circle will away to the interplanetary colony of Jocospor II.

"I've always wanted to see space," remarked the Emperor.

This special correspondence is brought to you by the Overseer of the People, the offices of the Social Assembly and Confederation State Broadcasting. Enquiries should be sent to Shronok.

Printed with the express permission of the Overseer of the People, Naora Natson. Unauthorised by Jocospor. Copyright 2019.