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RMB Etiquette

Hey there! Welcome to Wintreath! Due to past events, we felt it necessary to outline a few expected behaviors on our Regional Message Board (RMB). Don't worry, you're not going to get in trouble if you slip up once or twice. We're chill here in Wintreath!

Double, Triple, or Quadruple+ Posting
Now, I'm no regional officer, but for those participating in discussions on the RMB, newer nations especially, I want to show you that there are a couple of easy ways to avoid double, triple, or quadruple+ posting (posting more than one message in rapid succession).

Firstly, if you hover a message you've already posted, you'll see 3 buttons, the middle one saying Edit. If you want to change what you said or add something else, be sure to edit your message before putting another post (although if it's been a couple of hours I think that's reasonable). Keep in mind that people you mention will not be notified if you mention them in your edit

Secondly, with that in mind, you can quote multiple people in a post. Simply quote your first person, scroll away from the message box and quote your second person. Scrolling away does not cause the draft to disappear, and doing this will insert that quote directly beneath the first one in your message edit box.

Overly Long Quotes

Long posts are completely okay, especially in Roleplay. However, sometimes people like to directly quote these messages despite only having a couple of things to say in response, and such makes their overall message overly long. Sometimes it isn't necessary to post them again as a quote, so a nifty little thing you can do is edit the quote itself. To clarify, this won't edit the original quote, but this WILL edit the quote as it appears in your message. For example, I can edit the following quote...

French Albania wrote:You know, if you wanted to write up those RMB etiquette rules you were mooting a couple days ago and turn them into a dispatch, I'd edit that into the WFE cause that seems like it'd be really useful.

and change it to highlight an important word or phrase, like so...

French Albania wrote:...I'd edit that into the WFE cause that seems like it'd be really useful.

or shorten it altogether to say

French Albania wrote:...

which still notifies the person you wish to notify.

However, an even better way to notify users is simply by tagging them like so...


which displays as Rikuchar

Unnecessary or Random Posts
Now, I know there's a difference between a conversation starter and a random post, but take the following for example: A number of users are talking about the Roleplay at hand, when suddenly a user barges in with...
Bochka 18 wrote:I like cheese on my toes! Aueopfihwoeifhewoh

This is not useful, productive, or related to the conversation, and it's doubtful that it's going to be very good at starting a new one. Please, keep posts relevant and useful!

I'm aware that this has been a controversial issue on the RMB in the past, so let's clear this up: Politics, in a very civil and moderated manner, is allowed. However, please do not start an echo chamber in the RMB, whether it be about liberal views, conservative views, or other such political content. We are trying to be as welcoming a region as we can possibly be, and sometimes politics can be a real stressor to people, especially newcomers.
Additionally, overtly racist, fascist, LGBT-phobic, or other such comments are absolutely not tolerated and will be dealt with at the discretion of RMB officials.

I hope this helps everyone, and remember: be civil, be respectful of government officials, and be courteous to newer members! Thank y'all so much for being such vibrant and active members of our beautiful region!

Updated 3.21.2019