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GOR Official Charter

The Charter of the Grand Ole Republic, documented on the 10th day of April in the year, 2019, shall serve as the foundation for the established government and the rights of the nations who settle within the region.

Article I: Regional Positions:

1. Founder
a. If major or significant changes are made the regional government by the World Assembly Delegate, the Founder has the power to override his or her executive action without approval from the Council
b. Given a permanent seat on the Council to vote on legislation
- If the Founder ceases to exist, his seat shall be replaced by a new member of the Council
- The seat will operate as a normal Council member position if the Founder ceases to exist
c. The Founder may not run for World Assembly Delegate or any other office
d. If the region is invaded or raided, the Founder has the power to place the region under a state of emergency
e. The Founder may remove the WA Delegate with a majority vote from the Council
f. The Founder may give or take away executive authority from the World Assembly Delegate in a state of emergency
g. Sets the number of Council seats between each election cycle.

2. WA Delegate
a. The World Assembly Delegate serves as the leader and head of the region
b. Votes on proposals and legislation in the World Assembly
c. Has the power to veto legislation that passes through the Council
d. Sets the endorsement limit throughout the region
e. May grant or deny citizenship to residents who apply
f. If given executive power during a state of emergency, the World Assembly Delegate is responsible for helping the Founder restore order in the region

3. Council
a. Serves as the legislative body of the region
b. The number of seats on the Council may increase or decrease based on the size of the region
c. The minimum number of seats on the Council is 3
d. Any legislation shall be passed with a simple majority (At least 51% of the vote)
e. The Council will need a unanimous majority in order to override the World Assembly Delegate's veto
f. Serves as the jury in trials for Judicial Offenses
g. Members may propose legislation to be passed

Article II: Citizenship:
a. Any resident of the Grand Ole Republic may request citizenship
b. Citizens may vote in elections
c. Citizens may run for offices and regional positions
d. Residents are not permitted to vote or run for office
e. The WA Delegate determines who is granted citizenship

Article III: Elections:

1. Elections will be held every 2 months
2. These elections will elect a new World Assembly Delegate and a new Council
3. Only official citizens may vote in elections
4. Voting will take place on a poll not on Nationstates' website
5. Sharing the link to election polls to non-citizens will result in an automatic ejection and ban from the region

Article IV: Embassies & Foreign Affairs:

1. RMB Recruitment is not allowed by other regions
2. If a region requests embassies with the Grand Ole Republic, the Council must pass the request with a simple majority
3. The World Assembly Delegate may accept the request once the Council has passed the request
4. Any nations attempting an invasion or raid will be ejected and banned from the region

Article V: Legislation and Resolutions:

1. Any nation among the Council may propose a resolution to the regional government for the better good of the region
2. Any resolution may be proposed through telegram or RMB
3. Citizens or the Delegate may request a Council member to propose their bill in the next Council meeting
4. A resolution may only be passed if it has a simple majority from the Council
5. Impeachments may also count as legislation
6. An impeachment needs to be passed unanimously by the Council to remove a Delegate
7. If a Council member is to be removed from office, All other Council members must agree to pass it

Article VI: State of Emergencies:

1. If the region is placed under a state of emergency, the Founder can temporarily take the Delegate and council out of power and take executive action
2. The Founder may appoint the World Assembly Delegate as an aid during the state of emergency
3. When the state of emergency is over, any nations responsible for causing the state of emergency will face major consequences that may include ejection or a ban

Article VII: Consequences:

a. Judicial Offenses
- Offenses that are not clearly evident and must have the Council serve as a jury.
1. Voter Fraud
- Automatic ejection
- Possible ban depending on severity of attempt

2. Defamation
- Loss of power if the guilty nation is an elected official
- Possible ban if defamation is severe

3. Abuse of power as an elected official
- Loss of power if the guilty nation is an elected official
- Automatic ejection from the region
- Possible ban

b. Clear Offenses
- Offenses that are clearly seen and can be taken action upon automatically by the Delegate or Founder
1. Regional Message Board Recruitment
- Suppression of message
- Possible ejection or ban for multiple offenses

2. Inappropriate language or messaging
- Suppression of message
- Possible ejection multiple offenses
- Possible ban depending on severity of message

3. Attempted Raid or Invasion of Region:
- Automatic ejection
- Temporary ban depending on severity of attempt

4. Successful Invasion and Coup of Region:
- Automatic ejection
- Permanent ban from the Grand Ole Republic

Article VIII: Supremacy Clause
1. This constitution is the supreme legal document of the Grand Ole Republic. No legislation may contradict it.
2. Amendments to this constitution can be passed by a ⅔ majority, or by a successful popular referendum.

Amendement 1:
The election cycle will now run every two months instead of every four months.