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Join the South Pacific Special Forces!

Welcome to the South Pacific Special Forces!

What are the South Pacific Special Forces?

The South Pacific Special Forces (or SPSF) are the South Pacific’s official military. We defend the Coalition, work for the South Pacific’s foreign interests, and just have fun through military gameplay!

What’s military gameplay and why should I be interested?

Twice a day, NationStates updates. It goes through the regions in a set but random order, and within those regions, it goes through the nations in a set but random order. As the game goes through each nation, it counts how many endorsements they have. When it finishes going through the region, it makes the highest endorsed nation the delegate of the region. Delegates can have a lot of control over regions - they can even destroy them, if the founder isn’t around. Military gameplay is the art of controlling who becomes delegate.

Raiders can take over regions by endorsing a raider nation, and making it delegate so that it has complete control over the region. Defenders try to either stop raider nations from becoming delegate in the first place, or take the region back by making a native nation delegate again.

Military gameplay is one of the cornerstones of inter-regional politics. It can introduce you to the wide, wild world of NS Gameplay, which has characters and stories and rich history on an epic scale. It can also introduce you to our good friends and allies in other regions. Unlike roleplay wars, military gameplay isn’t just imaginary - our actions have a real effect on the NS world. It's also pretty fun in the real world! A good tag run or chase can fill you with adrenaline. Restoring a region to native control can be extremely satisfying. Pulling off a successful operation with your companions doesn't just give you that sweet feeling of a hard-won victory, but is a great foundation for friendships. It's also a great foundation for an interregional political career, as military expertise gets your name known in the wider world of the game. You could be feared, hated, or loved throughout gameplay...

Why join the SPSF?

The SPSF is one of the most active GCR militaries in the game. We are a defender military - meaning we protect vulnerable regions from being taken over and destroyed by foreign forces. We have some of the most knowledgeable military gameplayers in the whole game working with us. And you can gain that knowledge too! The SPSF offers some of the highest-level training in the game - all you have to do is provide interest, willingness to learn, and passion, and you'll quickly be climbing the ranks to the top.

By joining the SPSF, you are also helping out the South Pacific. If the South Pacific is ever in danger, the SPSF will be the cornerstone of its defence. While our smaller ops might seem like they are just for fun, or just to fulfill foreign policy objective, we are also building up the skills that the SPSF needs for its core objective, which is to defend the Coalition. So by joining the SPSF, you may become a South Pacifican hero some day!

How can I join the SPSF?

The SPSF has two sections: the Tsunami Force and the Tidal Force.

Updates occur at 12 AM and 12 PM in Eastern Standard Time, or 5 AM and 5 PM in Universal Standard Time. These last about an hour, and this is when we conduct time-sensitive operations. You will need a Discord account and a forum account. If you can be online at update sometimes, even as little as once a week, Linkyou can sign up on the forums for the SPSF Tsunami Force.

If you can’t make those times, or just don’t want to, then the Tidal Force is for you! The Tidal Force conducts simpler and less time-sensitive (but still valuable!) missions. You don’t need a forum or Discord account for this, but of course you are always welcome to join. Check out this dispatch for more instructions:

Welcome to the SPSF Tidal Force!

Twice a day, NationStates updates, and delegates change all over the world. Some warriors appear only at the height of the battle. Like the tide, the SPSF Tidal Force flow to their target all through the day.

If you can’t or don’t want to update (the times - 12 AM and 12 PM EST - can be very inconvenient!), don’t have time to learn the ins and outs of military gameplay, but still want to contribute to the South Pacific, then the Tidal Force is for you.

What does the SPSF Tidal Force do?

  • Washes away traces of raiders from native regions

  • Supports SPSF Update Force missions

  • Supports our allies when in need

How do I sign up?

You need only three things to sign up to the Tidal Force:

  • An email address, so you can join the World Assembly.

  • A nation in TSP. This is your main nation, and we will send orders to it.

  • A second nation, known as a ‘puppet’. If you don’t already have one, click here to make one. This nation is the one you will use to participate on missions. All actions such as moving to other regions, endorsing nations, etc. in military operations will be performed using this nation. (You don't want the enemy to know your true identity, after all.)

Finally, to apply, follow these steps:

  • If your main nation is admitted to the World Assembly, resign now.

  • Log in to your puppet nation, or create it if you have not done so already.

  • Go to the Settings page.

  • Add your email address into the E-mail box near the bottom of the Settings page (make sure this is the same e-mail address as on your main nation if you already have one).

  • Pick out one of our SPSF Flags from the folder and upload it as your puppet nation's flag!

  • Apply to join the World Assembly with your puppet nation.

  • Check your e-mail, and confirm your admittance into the World Assembly (applications should arrive in around a minute or less).

  • Join our LinkDiscord for further instructions and training

  • If you don't want to or can't join Discord, send a telegram to SPSF Tidal Force, Witchcraft and Sorcery, or Imperial dodo that looks like this (example below):

Hello. I would like to join the SPSF Tidal Force.

My main nation is Witchcraft and Sorcery
My puppet nation is Switchcraft and Endorsery

Now what?

Whenever we have a mission, it will be made known to you via discord, this dispatch, and a post tagging your nation on the Regional Message Board. If there are no current orders, you may return to the region and endorse the Delegate and all members of the CRS. In general you can expect to be on missions most of the time - we aim for at least one new mission every day.

When you're given a mission, these are things you might be asked to do:

  • Move to a region - you'll be given a region link. Click on it and look for the "Move to this region" button.

  • Endorse a nation - scroll to the bottom of the nation page and click the endorse button. You can only do this if both nations are in the region.

  • Cross-endorse on a nation - click the endorse button. Check the list of other nations who have endorsed that nation, and endorse them too.

  • Cross-endorse in the region - look for other SPSF nations in the region and endorse them all. You should be able to recognise them by their SPSF flags.

If you become delegate, we expect you to treat the region with care and don't do anything you weren't told to! You might be asked to do these things:

  • Detag the region - this washes away the advertisements raiders have left on a region. We have a guide to this here: page=dispatch/id=1190714

  • Tag the region - this claims a region for the SPSF. An officer will let you know what to do.

  • Ban and eject a nation - go to the nation's page, scroll down to the bottom and click "Ban and eject". You may not have enough influence to ban the nation yet - don't worry, just wait another day for your influence to grow.

This page will be updated with missions the Tidal Force have done!

transatlantic_treaty_of_defense - Melix, Swifty, Langburn, Eshialand
libertarian_states_of_leave_us_alone - WS, Melix, Langburn, Eshialand
Demeter - Melix, Langburn
Interregional Industries - Swifty, Melix, WS, Eshialand, Herp
The Galactic Order - Swifty, Conexia, Herp
Right Wing Libertarian Party - Swifty, Melix, WS, Eshialand
Vorkuta - Swifty, Melix, WS, Herp
International Safety Defense Alliance - Melix, WS, Langburn
Anhalt - Melix, WS, Trozzo
Sinic States - Melix, WS, Eshialand, Trozzo
We live on - Melix, Swifty, WS, Eshialand, Trozzo, (Palayain)
Region JK - WS, Melix, Langburn, Eshialand, Trozzo
Imperialist Realms - WS, Eshialand, Trozzo, Herp
Union Socialista Bonslevique - WS, Trozzo
The empire of burgertopia - Melix, Trozzo, Herp
Imperial County - Melix, WS, Conexia
The New Galactic Democratic Republic - Melix, WS, Langburn, Trozzo, Eshialand
Capitalist States - Melix, Langburn
North Africa (Longer-term liberation support) - Melix, Swifty, WS, Langburn, Trozzo, Taigama, Eshialand
The Confederation of Calf Worship - Melix, WS, Herp, Taigama, Cocao, Hong Cong
United Nations of Nationstates - Melix, WS, Taigama
A Stranger in Olondria - Melix, WS, Eshialand, Conexia, Taigama
New Dinosaurtopia - Swifty, Melix, Herp, Eshialand
The Global Union Consortium -
The Ancient Realm - Herp, WS, Melix, NCE
Ferrish Archipelago - WS, Melix
??? - Melix, Lebatrip
Leningrad - Melix, Lebatrip, Herp, Eshialand,
Annedom - Melix, Lebatrip, Herp, Eshialand, Cocao
Crescent Region - Melix, Lebatrip
Kid region - Melix, Lebatrip, Herp, WS, Eshialand
Peloponnesian League - WS, Melix
The United Rogue Nations of Alteria - Melix, Herp, Lelouch
The Atheist Empire - Melix, Herp, Lebatrip
The League of Neutrals - Melix, Herp, Lelouch
Sovishire farmboys - Melix, Herp, Lelouch
Eastern Nordia Union - WS, Lebatrip, Herp, Melix
United Alliance of Mathematics - Melix, Lelouch, East Nagaland
The Conglomerate of Royal Ashholes - Melix, WS, East Nagaland, Herp
United Countries of Nyx - Melix, East Nagaland, Herp,
The Dead Meme Alliance - WS, Melix, East Nagaland, Lebatrip, Herp
Newingtonia - Melix, WS, East Nagaland
Sub Saharan Africa - Melix, WS, East Nagaland, Herp, Ovkianos
The barracuda Region of Freedom - Melix, WS, East Nagaland, Cocao, Ovkianos, Herp
Supreme Leader Smeagol - Melix, WS, NGB, Ovkianos, Herp
Wesse de Fraue - WS, Melix
International Space Station - WS, Melix, NGB, Ovkianos, Herp, Cocao
Confederate Army - WS, Melix, Ovkianos, Herp, Cocao, NGB
Republic of the Golden Black Nations - Melix, NGB, Ovkianos, Herp, Cocao
I dont want your dang recruitment TGs - Melix, NGB, WS, Ovkianos
Free State of Prussia - Melix, NGB, WS, Herp, Ovkianos
The League of United Confederations - Melix, Lelouch, NGB
Federated Sovereign Nations of Europe - Melix, WS, Lelouch, NGB, Ovkianos, Herp, Luca, Jamaica2021
the overworld states - HS, Nicholas, Palayin, Jamaica2021
qeush - Nakari, Nicholas, Palayain, Gordon Freeman
Slavetsialno - HS, Eshia, Jamaica2021, Gordon Freeman, Palayain, Nicholas
Chaylia (stabilization) - Nicholas, Roavin, Nakari, Namakka
The Communist Region Resurrected - W&S, Nicholas, Namakka, Palayin, Salands

This is the SPSF Tidal Force roster!

Minister HumanSanity
-Missions: 2

General Witchcraft and Sorcery
-Missions: 34

Imperial dodo - Tidal Force Coordinator
- Missions: 8

The Langburn Islands
- Missions: 8

The Nootish Hivemind
- Missions:

- Missions:

Cocao/Chocolate Agents
- Missions: 6

Trozzo / Palayain
- Missions: 12

Hong Cong
- Missions: 1

- Missions: 3

The Derpy Democratic Republic Of Herp
- Missions: 27

All hail Lelouch vi brittania
- Missions: 9

The American Anarchist Empire
- Missions:

Traden / Brikoving
- Missions:

The cordian empire
- Missions: 1

- Missions: 7

- Missions: 3

East Nagaland
- Missions: 7

- Missions: 9

Nicholas and Great Britain
- Missions: 13

- Missions: 1

- Missions:

General Nakarisaune
- Missions: 2

Gordon freeman / Namakka
- Missions: 4

Alyqya / Salands
- Missions: 1

MilkyWay Republic
- Missions: 0

Cranberron / East Cranberron
- Missions: 0

Frenras Bri / Liberateurs des opprimes
- Missions: 0

- Missions: 4

- Missions: 16

- Missions: 48

Have any questions?
Our Minister of Defense HumanSanity (HumanSanity#9270) and Generals Roavin (Roavin#5410), Nakarisaune (Nakari#3538), and Witchcraft and Sorcery (WynkenBlynken#1150) as well as Tidal Force Coordinator Imperial dodo (swiftygamer#1448) will be happy to help!


Read dispatch

Have any questions? Our Minister of Defense HumanSanity (HumanSanity#9270) and Generals Roavin (Roavin#5410), Nakarisaune (Nakari#3538), and Witchcraft and Sorcery (WynkenBlynken#1150) will be happy to help!