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Join the South Pacific Special Forces!

Welcome to the South Pacific Special Forces!

What are the South Pacific Special Forces?

The South Pacific Special Forces (or SPSF) are the South Pacificís official military. We defend the Coalition, work for the South Pacificís foreign interests, and just have fun through military gameplay!

Whatís military gameplay and why should I be interested?

Twice a day, NationStates updates. It goes through the regions in a set but random order, and within those regions, it goes through the nations in a set but random order. As the game goes through each nation, it counts how many endorsements they have. When it finishes going through the region, it makes the highest endorsed nation the delegate of the region. Delegates can have a lot of control over regions - they can even destroy them, if the founder isnít around. Military gameplay is the art of controlling who becomes delegate.

Raiders can take over regions by endorsing a raider nation, and making it delegate so that it has complete control over the region. Defenders try to either stop raider nations from becoming delegate in the first place, or take the region back by making a native nation delegate again.

Military gameplay is one of the cornerstones of inter-regional politics. It can introduce you to the wide, wild world of NS Gameplay, which has characters and stories and rich history on an epic scale. It can also introduce you to our good friends and allies in other regions. Unlike roleplay wars, military gameplay isnít just imaginary - our actions have a real effect on the NS world. It's also pretty fun in the real world! A good tag run or chase can fill you with adrenaline. Restoring a region to native control can be extremely satisfying. Pulling off a successful operation with your companions doesn't just give you that sweet feeling of a hard-won victory, but is a great foundation for friendships. It's also a great foundation for an interregional political career, as military expertise gets your name known in the wider world of the game. You could be feared, hated, or loved throughout gameplay...

Why join the SPSF?

The SPSF is one of the most active GCR militaries in the game. We are a defender military - meaning we protect vulnerable regions from being taken over and destroyed by foreign forces. We have some of the most knowledgeable military gameplayers in the whole game working with us. And you can gain that knowledge too! The SPSF offers some of the highest-level training in the game - all you have to do is provide interest, willingness to learn, and passion, and you'll quickly be climbing the ranks to the top.

By joining the SPSF, you are also helping out the South Pacific. If the South Pacific is ever in danger, the SPSF will be the cornerstone of its defence. While our smaller ops might seem like they are just for fun, or just to fulfill foreign policy objective, we are also building up the skills that the SPSF needs for its core objective, which is to defend the Coalition. So by joining the SPSF, you may become a South Pacifican hero some day!

How can I join the SPSF?

The SPSF has two sections: the Tsunami Force and the Tidal Force.

Updates occur at 12 AM and 12 PM in Eastern Standard Time, or 5 AM and 5 PM in Universal Standard Time. These last about an hour, and this is when we conduct time-sensitive operations. You will need a Discord account and a forum account. If you can be online at update sometimes, even as little as once a week.

Guide: Click on the link will open a form. Fill in information it asks you, tick the Ministry of Defense box in the Applying for section, and click Submit application near the bottom.

If you canít make those times, or just donít want to, then the Tidal Force is for you! The Tidal Force conducts simpler and less time-sensitive (but still valuable!) missions. You donít need a forum or Discord account for this, but of course you are always welcome to join.

Have any questions? Our Prime Minister Purple Hyacinth (flowerpetal#4093) and General HumanSanity (HumanSanity#9270) will be happy to help!