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Executive Decree 002: Monthly Updates

| Executive Decree 002 |

To the esteemed Secretariat and nations of the New West Indies,

Roleplay enthusiasts and the regional government have worked effectively recently to spearhead the region's activities. However, it has become clear that many of our residents are unaware of the resources provided by the region, whether it be roleplay, the general assembly, or NationStates in general. Therefore, the issue necessitates that we continually update the region as new activities and resources become available.

To make such a matter efficient, the Secretary of Administration shall update the region monthly as described below. Being the main bearer of archiving, dispatch creating, and activity overseeing, the SA is the most reasonable secretary to publish such an update.

With more information being presented to the region, activity levels and community camaraderie are sure to increase.

The following shall be enacted by the Secretary of Administration, effective March 31, 2019.

Administrative Orders
  1. On the last day of each month, the Secretary of Administration shall publish a monthly update to be sent via mass telegram to all nations of the region, in which the SA shall give updates regarding, but not limited to:

    1. Recent roleplay activities

    2. Passed General Assembly resolutions within the last month

    3. Recent electoral outcomes

    4. Upcoming regional elections within the next month

    5. Recently created resources available to residents

    6. Major planned activities within the next month

    7. Any other information the SA deems relevant to the region or requested by the Secretariat

  2. To organize such updates, the Secretary of Administration shall create a dispatch archiving all past monthly updates

  3. This decree does not preclude the SA, the Founder, or the rest of the Secretariat from sending/posting updates to the region regarding especially pertinent information

Ordered by the Secretary of Administration, March 29, 2019
Last Updated: March 29, 2019
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