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OOC Factbook III (2019-????)


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[b]-- Wawakanatote, 17 January 2018[/b]



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[b][background-block=#FF0000]Personal Details[/background-block][/b][/center]

[tr][td][b]Nationality:[/b][/td][td]American wishing to be like Daddy Deng[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Gender:[/b][/td][td](((White))) Male[/td][/tr]

[tr][td][b]Relationship Status:[/b][/td][td]$50/hr & I'll be yours[/td][/tr]

[tr][td][b]Religion:[/b][/td][td]$50/hr & I'll follow you[/td][/tr]

Daddy-Dzhugashvili (2018-????)
Leninist8Atheist (2017-2018)
Wawakanatote (2012-????)[/td][/tr]

[b]My favorite historical people:[/b]
[align=left][tab=75][/tab]• Vladimir Lenin (1)
[tab=75][/tab]• Joseph Stalin (2)
[tab=75][/tab]• Deng Xiaoping (3)
[tab=75][/tab]• Karl Marx (4)
[tab=75][/tab]• Mao Zedong (5)
[tab=75][/tab]• Friedrich Engels (6)[/align]
[b]Some Songs I Like:[/b]
• [url=]Brother Hao[/url]
• [url=]Red Sun in the Sky[/url]
• [url=]The Sound of Stalin/Instruction Manual[/url]
• [url=]Tis For Thee[/url]
• [url=]What Do You Mean?[/url]

[b]Feck Off, Mine:[/b]
• [url=]Chinese Song - Brother of the Soldiers[/url]
• [url=]Brother Hao - Mao's Words Kept in Heart[/url]
• [url=]Brother Hao - No CP, No NC, No BH[/url]
• [url=]TBOAN - Great Movie To Play In The WH[/url]
• [url=]Malcolm X - Interview At Berkeley (1963)[/url]
• [url=]Tiananmen Fake Bro[/url]
• [url=]How come there are so many billionaires in communist China?[/url]

[b]Useful NS Sites:[/b]
• [url=]NSEconomy[/url]
• [url=]NS Issue Results Calculator[/url]
• [url=]NS Suite[/url]
• [url=]NS Suite - My Nation[/url]

[b]True Memes:[/b]
• Libertarians
• Fascists
• You
• [nation]Wawakanatote[/nation]

• [nation]Kabzeel[/nation]
• [nation]Bithastria[/nation]
• [nation]Kwaunisashwi[/nation]
• [nation]Daddy Dzhugashvili[/nation]
• [nation]The Unknown Master[/nation]
• [nation]Clarology[/nation]
[center][b]POLITICAL COMPASS[/b]

Hello, welcome to my third installment of my OOC factbook. I think I'm starting to wonder if I'm obtaining an addiction to creating factbooks on this site, but alas here we go again. I'm sure you all know the rules by now, but just in case I've elected to put them down below for your convenience.

1. No jumping on the bed
2. No Cold War era propaganda against communism
3. No Neo-Nazi propaganda against communism
4. No calling Social Democracies "socialist countries"
5. Don't be a duck 🦆 (I hate ducks)
6. No voting in Bourgeois elections unless you're voting anti-war.
7. No supporting foreign interventionism upon a country 
8. No believing that calling something "authoritarian" is a valid critique 
9. 1984 should be used as a guide, not using it as a guide will result in your termination from life
10. Not a democracy, your views don't matter to me; especially if you break any of the nine above....

Okay? Did you read the rules above? Splendid! As a recommendation, I would like to suggest people not use "starving commie jokes" or "cite black book of communism (BBC) numbers" directed towards me. Both of those actions are quite old and boomer tier cringe, and I really doubt there are many boomers on Nationstates in the first place. However, if there are, then I would like to personally welcome them right now for I am not one to encourage ageist rhetoric. So welcome my older comrades!


So, how do we start this? Well, for starters, my name is [color=red]*DELETED*[/color] and I'm from Stalin's State USA. I was born to a mother and father during [color=red]*DELETED*[/color], but was raised by my mother throughout my nearly 20 year existence.

I grew up in an apolitical house - save for my grandmother who was a staunch conservative and Reaganite, My early politics was semi-influenced by my grandmother's as I initially supported the same causes off of instinct until about 2013 or 2014, when I discovered political youtube. Ultimately I became an anti-religious atheist after my freshmen year in high school, but happened..the entire sphere of politics on youtube made a swift right turn as I was moving further and further left. 

Eventually, I forgot about the "Skeptic Community" and became a full fledged Socdem by 2016 - initially supporting Bernie Sanders for President. However, I ended up supporting Hillary - in hindsight I would have lost either way - because I didn't want Trump as President. Though, I do thank Trump's presidency for the moment which influenced me to push more left and study leftist figures like Lenin, Stalin, and eventually Mao and Deng.

For a little while after the 2016 elections I was a "Libertarian Socialist", and then a "Hoxhaist" a little later in 2017. Today I am a Chad Dengist, and supporter of modern China as a step forward in the creation of a socialist society. Reason why the change during that period is simply gaining more knowledge and having a very big brain compared to you mortal (((men))).

[size=175][font=Georgia][anchor=Rise]Political Views[/anchor][/font][/size][hr]

[b]Economics and Government Structure[/b]

LENINISM, MAO ZEDONG THOUGHT, DENG XIAOPING THEORY, and XI JINPING THOUGHT are, as if you couldn't tell, my major influences in ideology as well as for the ideological makeup of the Supranational Union. In the long run, while I defend the revolutionaries of the past from FAKE NEWS I ultimately believe that they all are, as Mao Zedong said, "70 percent good, 30 percent bad".

[b]Civil Rights[/b]

Simply, I consider myself a progressive and am opposed to conservative values in terms of societal discrimination of LGBT rights. However, those people who like to point Stalin's "persecution of homosexuality" and use that as a point against socialism should really look for new material as it doesn't change my opinion, or even most leftist opinions, on either subject. As for the conservative leftists who dislike the LGBT, I stand with them on economic issues, but ultimately nothing else as I don't personally see them as genuine leftists, but more so proto-fascists - like many of the people who liken themselves to Titoism.

Other than my complete support for the LGBT movement, I am also a proud supporter of feminism, but of the socialist variety not the neoliberal, or "SJW" brand of diet feminism which people like Hillary Clinton or Black Hillary Clinton [strike]Kamala Harris[/strike] represent.

[b]Political Freedom[/b]

I support people's right to freedom of expression, BUT if you advocate hate speech or neo-nazism, I would support a mob trampling upon you, and then I would support another mob trampling on your grave. So...don't be a racist bigot if you like free speech. Though, as long as a class structure or state exists, there won't be any genuine freedom of speech in any society.


[*] I have four dogs (2 bulldogs; 1 pit; 1 retriever) and two lizards (bearded dragons) 
[*] I used to have sympathies for isolationism and National Bolshevism, but I realized later on the problems both economically and socially with both concepts. Now I support (alter) globalization and modern China.
[*]If Zionist Israel=Nazi Germany, then I can't wait for a socialist Israel to come soon!
[*]Xi has done nothing wrong. Feck off Maoists.
[*]I began liking Deng Xiaoping sometime in the middle of 2018. Before then I was transitioning away from Hoxhaism to Maoism. 
[*]The reason I'm not a Maoist is because most Maoists tend to be rather ridiculous with their claims much like Trotskyites.

[center][i]--- [url=] Here's how I view the three past eras of the SUSR leaderships [/url] ---

[size=75]--- Just to be clear, I am [b][u]NOT[/u][/b] making a new country for every country in this NS universe ---[/size][/i][/center]


[b]Political Standpoints[/b]:
[*] [color=#00BF00]Pro: Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, China, Market Socialism, DPRK, Vietnam, Soviet Union, Syria, Venezuela, Palestine, Communism, Socialism, Nicolás Maduro, Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong-Un, Tulsi Gabbard (foreign policy), Party of Socialism & Liberation

[*] [color=#0000FF]Neutral: Democratic Socialism, Social Democracy, Maoism, People, State Capitalism, Iran, Hezbollah, United Nations (as a concept), Bernie Sanders

[*] [color=#FF0000]Anti: Democratic Party, Republican Party, Libertarian [strike]Republican-lite[/strike] Party, Communist Party USA, Israel, Conservatism, Liberalism, Trotskyism, Anarchism, "Libertarianism" as a concept, "Authoritarianism" as a concept, Fascism, European Union, Gang of Fourists, Centrists, Utopianism, Neoliberalism, Classical Liberalism, Idealism, Ayn Rand Lovers, Ronald Reagan Lovers, Thinking that Cults of Personalities exist only in the confines of Socialism or Fascism, Relying on High School information in regards to Socialism or Fascism, People using "totalitarian" as an insult, People advocating for "totalitarianism", Gang of Four Fascism, Pol Pot, NATO-backed leaders, Calling anything you dislike "Authoritarian"[/color][/list][hr]

[b][size=150]I THROW THIS MOLOTOV AT YOU![/size][/b]


[size=150][b][u]Favorite Quotes:[/u][/b][/size]

[i]"Why did the Soviet Union disintegrate? Why did the Soviet Communist Party collapse? An important reason was that their ideals and beliefs had been shaken. In the end, ‘the ruler’s flag over the city tower’ changed overnight. It’s a profound lesson for us! To dismiss the history of the Soviet Union and the Soviet Communist Party, to dismiss Lenin and Stalin, and to dismiss everything else is to engage in historic nihilism, and it confuses our thoughts and undermines the Party’s organizations on all levels. Why must we stand firm on the Party’s leadership over the military? Because that’s the lesson from the collapse of the Soviet Union. In the Soviet Union where the military was depoliticized, separated from the Party and nationalized, the party was disarmed. A few people tried to save the Soviet Union; they seized Gorbachev, but within days it was turned around again, because they didn’t have the instruments to exert power. Yeltsin gave a speech standing on a tank, but the military made no response, keeping so-called ‘neutrality.’ Finally, Gorbachev announced the disbandment of the Soviet Communist Party in a blithe statement. A big Party was gone just like that. Proportionally, the Soviet Communist Party had more members than we do, but nobody was man enough to stand up and resist.”[/i]

-Xi Jinping; January 26, 2013

[i]"But why would Comrade Trotsky claim that it's impossible for the Sailor Moon manga-verse to cross-over with the world of K-Pop Lizzie from Orange Caramel?" Asked Sailor Mercury. "Well you know what HIS people are like, know what I mean?" Asked Lizzie from Orange Caramel. "Also. Where are my pants? They are gone and I am...NAKED!"[/i]

- Fanfiction written by Joseph Stalin

[i]"Is Comrade XXX here?"[/i]

- Mao Zedong; Speeches At The Second Session Of The Eighth Party Congress; May 8, 1958

[i]"China is a socialist country, and a developing country as well. China belongs to the Third World. Consistently following Chairman Mao’s teachings, the Chinese Government and people firmly support all oppressed peoples and oppressed nations in their struggle to win or defend national independence, develop the national economy and oppose colonialism, imperialism and hegemonism. This is our bounden internationalist duty. China is not a superpower, nor will she ever seek to be one. What is a superpower? A superpower is an imperialist country which everywhere subjects other countries to its aggression, interference, control, subversion or plunder and strives for world hegemony. If capitalism is restored in a big socialist country, it will inevitably become a superpower."[/i]

- Deng Xiaoping; April 10, 1974

[i]"Peace will be kept and strengthened if the people take the holding of peace into their own hands and defend it to the utmost. War could be unavoidable if the arsonists of war succeed in trapping the masses with their lies, in deceiving them and in drawing them into a new war."[/i]

- Joseph Stalin; February 17, 1951

[i]“Our grandchildren will examine the documents and other relics of the epoch of the capitalist system with amazement. It will be difficult for them to picture to themselves how the trade in articles of primary necessity could remain in private hands, how factories could belong to individuals, how some men could exploit others, how it was possible for those who did not work to exist. Up to now the story of what our children would see in the future has sounded like a fairy-tale; but today, comrades, you clearly see that the edifice of socialist society, of which we have laid the foundations, is not a utopia. Our children will build this edifice with oven greater zeal.”[/i]

- Vladimir Lenin; May Day, 1919

[i]"I did nothing wrong, the Gang of Four deserved it."[/i]

- Deng Xiaoping (Probably)