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Complete Resume

Government Experience

21st Century Rome

Served two consecutive terms as the region's Legatus, tasked with searching and approving embassy requests.
Served one term as an Aedile, tasked with organizing roleplays.
Drafted the failed Treaty Of Caesar,
Led the construction of the former regional off-site forums and a former introduction video.
Former Acta Diurna (newspaper) writer
Former Tiro of Army
Had suggested salaries (in regional currency) to Acta Diurna writers.
After the creation of the Consulate, won the election for the first regional Consul.
Former Caedile for roleplays
Ran for Censor, activity manager

Driselbia (Region now dissolved)

Former Editor-In-Chief of Driselbian Post (newspaper)
Former Head of Driselbian Vibe (radio)
Managed Driselbian Media forum thread
Designed the logos for Post and Vibe
Former Legatus of the Driselbian Royal Army
Former Minister of Foreign Affairs
Former Minister of Interior
Ran for Chancellor
Founder of FV-FD Party (dissolved)
Co-Creator of the Royal Flag

The Midnight Order (Army now dissolved)

Former Strategos
Founder of Nightingales squad (dissolved)


During term as MoFA in Driselbia, attempted a merger between the two
Became a Driselbian diplomat during conflict between the two
Founder of the Colors Of Nasunia Party
First member of the former Supreme Court of Nasunia

The Earth Empire

Former Senator
Former Head of the Weekly Union News
Created the regional Discord

The Ragerian Imperium

Former Apprentice of the Armada
Former Deputy Councillor of Internal Affairs
Became Nation of the Week (April 8, 2019)
Former Manual Recruiter (sent 10,000 in two months)
Former Councillor of Internal Affairs
Given the title Baron of the Amir
Creator of the flag active after its dissolution and was replaced before becoming a colony


Former and first Minister of Communications (two terms, not consecutive)
Former Judge of the Court (incomplete term)
Former Lieutenant of the Army
Former House Representative (one term)
Minister of Internal Affairs (3 and a half terms)
Formatted the Newcomer's Manual (not created)
Created the Regional Stamp Fund
Created the original formatting for the following dispatches, which were copied into their official versions under the Union Dispatch Office;

Created all the Banners of the Government Dispatches in the Union Dispatch Office
Created all the official banners for Government Officials and Offices [source tbd]
Formatted and is managing the Gameplay Forum Thread
Made both the 2019 and 2020 Pride Flag Variants of the Force Flag
Started the formatting of dispatches, the founding of the Academia de Nocturna, and the creation of its logo and variants
Deputy Chairperson and Party Leader of the Force Unity Party and the creator of its logo

Power (Territory of Force)

Former Minister of Domestic Affairs
Former First Minister
Created Conquest