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Wiki // JAMM / JAMM-ER Anti-Aircraft Missile

[font=Helvetica][color=white][size=360]JAMM / JAMM-ER[/size][/color]
[color=white][size=130]Joint Anti-Air Modular Missile[/size][/color]

[color=white][size=130]The JAMM / JAMM-ER is an [b]anti-aircraft[/b] family of missiles 
developed between [b]Verhun Defence Systems[/b] and [b]Hunter Defence Systems[/b] in a
bid to reduce [b]build[/b] and [b]logistic[/b] costs between the various branches of the military.
JAMM / JAMM-ER is deployed by [b]ground[/b], [b]maritime [/b]and [b]aerial forces[/b] across
the region and has been deployed successfully in a variety of conflicts since its introduction in 2015.[/size][/color]
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[align=center][b]JAMM / JAMM-ER[/b]

[i]Render of JAMM AAM mid-flight[/i][/align]

Short/Medium Range Anti-Aircraft
and Anti-Missile Missile
Medium Range Anti-Aircraft
and Anti-Missile Missile[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]National Origin[/b][/td][td][nation]Alteran Republics[/nation]
[tr][td][b]In Service[/b][/td][td]2015[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Manufacturer[/b][/td][td]Verhun Defence Systems,
[nation]Alteran Republics[/nation]
Hunter Defence Systems,
[tr][td][b]Status[/b][/td][td]In Service[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Primary Users[/b][/td][td][nation]Alteran Republics[/nation]
[tr][td][b]Produced[/b][/td][td]2015 - [/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Warhead[/b][/td][td]Directed Fragmentation[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Detonation Mechanism[/b][/td][td]Contact or Proximity[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Engine[/b][/td][td]Solid-Fuel Rocket Motor[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Operation Range[/b][/td][td][b]JAMM[/b]: <1-25+ km
[b]JAMM-ER[/b]: <1-45+ km[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Speed[/b][/td][td]Mach 3[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Guidance System[/b][/td][td]> Two-way Data Link
> Active RF Seeker[/td][/tr]
[tr][td][b]Launch Platform[/b][/td][td]> Maritime
> Land-Based
> Aircraft[/td][/tr]


The [b]JAMM [/b]([b]J[/b]oint [b]A[/b]nti-Air [b]M[/b]odular [b]M[/b]issile), sometimes referred to as [b]Ceptor[/b], series is a family of surface-to-air missiles developed by [nation]Alteran Republics[/nation]'s Verhun Defence Systems and [nation]Noronica[/nation]'s Hunter Defence Systems for the two respected nations. JAMM, and its family of developed variants, shares some common features and components with previously developed medium-range air-to-air missile systems, but with updated electronics and an active radar homing seeker. 

The Joint Anti-Air Modular Missile was intended to replace a variety of missile systems on Alteran Maritime Defence Force vessels by 2018, short and medium range air defence in the Alteran Ground Defence Force by 2018 and has been the Alteran Air Defence Force's primary surface and air-to-air combat system since its introduction in 2015.

[font=times new roman][size=200]Design and Characteristics[/size][/font][hr]

JAMM, in its ground and maritime roles, is a point defence and local area defence missile designed to respond to sophisticated missile attacks and has the capability to defend against saturation attacks of supersonic anti-ship cruise missiles, aircraft and other high-performance targets. It does this via multiple channels of fire, providing 360-degree simultaneous coverage and high degrees of manoeuvrability. Both VDS and HDS state that JAMM has a "high rate of fire against multiple simultaneous targets", providing capabilities comparable to the Broadsword and Longsword missile systems developed by [nation]Miklania[/nation]; albeit in a more compact and refined design.

Design characteristics allow for low cost by modularity and minimising electromechanical complexity through implementing most functionality in software. Both VDS and HDS have stated from the offset that the modularity aspect of the missile allows for, within reason, modification of the system to allow for the 'switching in and out' of various components depending on the custom. A cited example are the difference guidance systems used by Altera and Noronica. Though broadly similiar in capability, both nations produce different systems locally for use in their missiles. 

JAMM has a minimum operational range of less than 1 km and a maximum range greater than 25 km, although this capability is boosted through subsiquent use of Vertical Launch Boosters (VLBs) and the JAMM-ER (Extended Range) variants of the missile. These ranges are significantly greater than the many systems historically and currently deployed by many nations. The JAMM family of missiles has a maxium speed of Mach 3. Although this is slower than the Broad and Longsword systems, it has a strong service record of proven launch-to-kill ratios.

The JAMM system deploys an active, next-generation RF seeker which provides true all-weather performance with excellent clutter rejection capabilities; meaning there is no need for complex and high-cost fire control/illumination radars. This is a crucial part of the missiles ability to be launch from singular vehicles in its ground and aerial deployments. Additionally, a two-way datalink between missile and launch-vehicle provides a high-standard of accuracy. The associated radar system is able to continuously track the threat and provides a constant stream of secure, up-to-date tracking information to the missile with the location of the threat before the seeker takes over the missile guidance.

It's Soft Vertical Launch (SVL) system capability offers a 360° degree coverage and high degrees of manoeuvrability. In the soft-launch, JAMM utilises a gas generator to eject the missile from its canister, the benefits of which include increased range – by saving all the rocket motor’s energy to power the intercept – reduced minimum intercept range, reduced stress on launch platforms, significantly reduced maintenance costs, more compact installations on ships and there being no need to manage the hot gas efflux on board, reduced launch signature, and on land the possibility of firing the missile from wooded or urban areas. The JAMM system also features of range of Vertical Launch Boosters, which use a rocket-propellant in a variety of maritime and ground launch applications.

In its Vertical-Launch configurations, JAMM comes in its own launch canisters, or alternately can be quad-packed into the SYLVER, ExLS and Mark 41 vertical launching systems found on many warships.

JAMM’s Extended Range application is known as JAMM-ER and has been successfully deployed by many nations. The JAMM-ER missile system shares the same characteristics of the original JAMM family, with the exception of an additional rocket booster which significantly increases the missiles engagement range, out to 45 km and a slightly adapted missile structure.

[font=times new roman][size=200]Applications[/size][/font][hr]

JAMM’s modularity makes it a highly versatile and flexible missile that can be used in aerial, land and maritime environments. Verhun and Hunter's mission was to reduce the development and procurement costs of national defence agencies by building a system that be deployed by all three service branches. Whilst the missile is not identical, it shares a range of common modules, components and logistical requirements - proving to save significant procurement and logistical costs.


The maritime application of JAMM is known as Sea Ceptor. The system will provide the principal air defence capability for the Alteran Maritime Defence Force - including its Arabize and Àdnachd Class frigates, as well as arming other navies around the world. Sea Ceptor can be easily retrofitted onto a wide range of platforms, from coastal patrol vessels to frigates and destroyers.

In addition, JAMM can also be integrated with a range of radar types to suit customer requirements. VDS claim that JAMM has a "wide target set", including the capability to engage small naval vessels, which would give the missile a limited surface-to-surface role. This has since been confirmed by the AMDF, with the Anti-Air-Warfare Officer of Àdnachd Class Frigate A.M.D.F.S. Tiberium stating that: 

[box]“[i]... Tiberium managed to explore the real potential of the system during her training and to say it is a real game changer is an understatement. Unlike its predecessor, the system is capable of defending ships other than Tiberium herself. Whether it’s engaging multiple air threats or fast incoming attack craft, Sea Ceptor represents a massive capability upgrade for the Àdnachd frigate.[/i]”[/box]

JAMM is also used as a defensive weapon aboard ships and installations as a short-range counter-measure against incoming missiles and low-flying aircraft, known as the JAMM GMLS (Guided Missile Launching System). GMLS has been tested successfully in engaging small attack vessels, with a reasonable success rate. It is the defacto missile defence system aboard Alteran naval vessels and military installations.


Within the land domain, JAMM is known as Cloud Ceptor by the Alteran Ground Defence Force. This application has massively increased the AGDF's aerial defence capability and is able to intercept the most challenging targets in all-weather conditions.

For international customers in the land domain, VDS markets the Enhanced Joint Air Defence Solutions (EJADS). This is a rapidly deployable point and area defence system designed to protect mobile and static high value assets. It provides all-weather protection against a spectrum of conventional and challenging air targets, including low level terrain and high altitude threats. Each EJADS launcher is scalable and can carry multiple JAMM or JAMM-ER missiles as well as being highly mobile with excellent off-road capability. The system provides EJADS with pre-launch targeting information based on track data from a suitable radar sensor.

In 2016, the JAMM missile was selected as the designated anti-air missile of the Alteran Army, opting for variants to be fired from vehicles, helicopters and man-portable systems. The man-portable system comes as a reloadable tube, with three missiles packed into each pack. Using a tracking system (laser, infra-red or radar), the aircraft can be tracked and fired upon - with the missile taking over tracking of the target if needed. The vehicle mounted systems can either launch in systems similar to the man-portable system, or the fire the Block-1 JAMM-ER missile from a vertical launch platform.


The JAMM AAM and JAMM-ER AAM missiles have seen the widest success and deployment thus far in its aerial roles. Both the standard and extended-range variants of the missile system have seen deployment aboard a range of aerial platforms and is one of Verhun's most successfully exported missiles. In the Alteran Air Defence Force, the missile is deployed in both the short-range configuration for fighters - mostly commonly deployed on the wingtips of the Pochard fighter - and its medium-range configuration; often deployed in the internal bay of the Osprey stealth-fighter.

[font=times new roman][size=200]Specifications[/size][/font][hr]

[tr][td]Range[/td][td][b]JAMM AAM[/b]:
1 - 25km
[b]JAMM Block 1[/b]:
1 - 25km
[b]JAMM Block 2[/b]:
3 - 60km
[/td][td][b]JAMM-ER AAM[/b]:
1 - 45km
[b]JAMM-ER Block 1[/b]:
1 - 45km
[b]JAMM-ER Block 2[/b]:
3 - 80km
[b]JAMM-ER Block 3[/b]:
3 - 120km[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Launch Platform[/td][td][b]JAMM AAM[/b]:
Aerial / GMLS / Vertical Launch
[b]JAMM Block 1[/b]:
Vertical Launch
[b]JAMM Block 2[/b]:
VLS[/td][td][b]JAMM-ER AAM[/b]:
Aerial / GMLS / Vertical Launch
[b]JAMM-ER Block 1[/b]:
Vertical Launch
[b]JAMM-ER Block 2[/b]:
Vertical Launch
[b]JAMM-ER Block 3[/b]:
Vertical Launch[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Warhead[/td][td]Directed Fragmentation[/td][td]Directed Fragmentation[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Engine[/td][td]Solid-Fuel Rocket Motor[/td][td]Solid-Fuel Rocket Motor[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Speed[/td][td]Mach 3[/td][td]Mach 3[/td][/tr]
[tr][td]Guidance System[/td][td]Two-Way Data Link
Active RF Seeker[/td][td]Two-Way Data Link
Active RF Seeker[/td][/tr]

[font=times new roman][size=200]Operators[/size][/font][hr]

[list][*][nation]Alteran Republics[/nation]
- Alteran Air Defence Force
- Alteran Ground Defence Force
- Alteran Maritime Defence Force

[font=times new roman][size=200]Graphics[/size][/font][hr]

[i]Complete JAMM family[/i][/align][/td]
[i]P.117 Pochard of the [nation]Alteran Republics[/nation]'
AADF, equipped with JAMM and JAMM-ER AAMs[/i][/align][/td][/tr]

[font=times new roman][size=200]Related Articles[/size][/font][hr]

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