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Creslonia | Judiciary - Supreme Court



[center][size=200][b]REPUBLIC OF CRESLONIA[/b][/size][/center]
[center][size=175][b]JUDICIARY - SUPREME COURT[/b][/size][/center]




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[floatright][box][center][b]Supreme Court of Creslonia[/b]


[b]Established[/b] 3 October, 1784

[b]Country[/b] Republic of Creslonia

[b]Location[/b] Creslon City, East Island

[b]Composition Method[/b] Attorney-General nomination
with Minister of Justice and Parliamentary approval

[b]Authorised By[/b] Creslonian Constitution

[b]Judge Term Length[/b] Life tenure

[b]Number of Positions[/b] 7

[b]Chief Justice of the Republic of Creslonia[/b] Eli Collins


The Supreme Court of Creslonia (SCC) is the highest court in the judiciary of the Republic of Creslonia. Established pursuant to Article III of the Creslonian Consitution in 1784, it has juristiction over cases regarding international affairs, ambassadors, constitutional affairs, and major domestic cases and crimes.

According to Parliamentary statute, the court normally consists of the Chief Justice of Creslonia and six associate justices, all of whom are nominated by the Attorney-General (currently Abraham Glover), that nomination is then cleared by the Minister of Justice (currently Taylor Woods) and approved by Parliament. Once appointed, justices have lifetime tenure unless they resign, retire, or are removed from office.

Each justice has a single vote in deciding the cases argued before it; the chief justice's vote carries no more weight than any other and is mainly used for breaking a deadlock. The Chief Justice is responsible for maintaining order in the court and leading the overall trial, whilst the other seven justices can ask questions to the witnesses, representatives, etc.

Most justices hold views conforming with those of the current government (e.g. liberal views during Liberal's time in power). As such, most rulings exemplify this, with generally only one or two justices voting differently from the others.

The Court meets in the Supreme Court Building in Creslon City, East Island. Security is enforced by the Creslonian Bailiff Service.

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The Supreme Court was formed on the 3rd of Octbober 1784, when Creslonia achieved independence from Great Britain. Initially composed of a small pannel of appointed legal officers, the Supreme Court was responsible for matters pertaining to the forming Creslonian Constitution and was instrumental in composing the Bill of Rights section for it. 

The Supreme Court evolved further during the 19th century and authorised Consitutional and Bill of Rights ammendments, as well as dealing with government and international legal issues. From the 20th century to the present day, the Creslonian Supreme Court was (and is still) responsible for overseeing government, international, and Constitutional legal cases, along with major domestic crimes (rarely).


The Creslonian Supreme Court employs a wide array of legal proffessionals, staff, and security officers. 


The Supreme Court is made up of seven justices:

[list][*]Hon. Chief Justice Eli Collins
[*]Justice Kelvin Twyford
[*]Justice Carmel Clark
[*]Justice David Nash
[*]Justice Jenny O'Connor
[*]Justice Tracy Jones
[*]Justice Julie Sage


Security for the Supreme Court is provided by the Creslonian Bailiff Service, which acts as security for the Judicial Branch and all courts in Creslonia. The Bailiff Commissioner (currently Ty Marin) is responsible for administering this service. 

There are thirty bailiffs protecting the Supreme Court building and the Supreme Court justices. The Chief Justice has permanent bodyguards, whilst the other seven justices have one bodyguard each and can request additional security when going to or from the building. The rest of the bailiffs guard the exterior and interior of the Supreme Court building. They are led by Tipstaff Vernon Bridges. 

[b][anchor=Other_Staff][/anchor]Other Staff[/b]

The Creslonian Supreme Court employs a few dozen other staff members. These include receptionists, secretaries, assistants, guides, and cleaning staff.


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