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***** Texas March Madness Announcement *****

[b]***** Texas March Madness Announcement *****[/b]

Texas, March Madness is upon us!  Texas, and guests from our friends and allies, we have a new game in town.  It is an old and familiar game to most and Texas is proud to offer it again for the fifth year in a row.  It is [b]March Madness 2019 NCAA Bracket Picking![/b]  And, best of all (to some), there is absolutely [b][u]NO[/b][/u] [b][u]WAGERING[/b][/u]!  This is just going to be good clean fun for bragging rights.  It is just for fun and not for profit.  And speaking of those bragging rights, [nation]The_Cypher_Nine[/nation] of [region]Forest[/region] currently holds them as [b]Winner[/b] of the 2018 tournaments!  Let's those Forest peeps something about picking winners this year Texas!

We have updated the web pages we used last year.  It is located here:

Like Texas Chat, participation is open to all Texans, friends of Texans and all our allies as well.  The more the merrier!  Please use your nation name when you [b][u]Create Bracket[/u][/b]!

WooHootie, there are five RL Texas Teams!  Go Texas teams!

[b]Note:[/b] Brackets Are Open!  Sign-up and bracket picking will end just before the tip-off of the first game on [i]Thursday, March 21, 2019[/i].

The Taco Party Nation of NewTexas