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Scorpion 7

Scorpion 7

Scorpion 7 is a massive research institute with many facilities both all around Atlia Sonis as well as a few centers around the world of Valsora.

Scorpion 7 relies on very questionable methods of research, yet SC-7 is very successful in finding it's answers using these methods, on which other research and science facilities call them 'Illegal.'

The facility was founded by the Atlian government in June of 1989 to combat the ever increasing threat of the Tillunum disease (Strand THX-4). Scorpion 7 was successful to find both the cause of the epidemic, as well as finding the cure. Now, Scorpion 7 is combating the GorbPox disease (Strand GN1-X).

Scorpion 7 includes two main divisions: The Science and Research Division and the Advanced Recon Division.

Scientists transporting an unidentified object to an observation stage.
The Science and Research Division (SRD) is a division that focuses on how various things work, such as diseases, mutations, etc. The SRD is responsible for the gruesome techniques used to find solutions.

SC-7 ARD soldier guarding an infected zone.
The Advanced Recon Division (ARD) is the most mysterious division, with many blogs and conspiracy theories about them. The ARD is responsible for upholding security for scientists during field missions, or guarding infected zones from trespassers. Recently, the ARD has been accused by conspiracy theorists for the recent disappearing of immigrants coming to AS, yet the commosioner of the ARD (Whose name shall be unknown) denies this ever happening.