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India-Foreign Ministry Report on the activities of Hamramstan

Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Government of India

The nation of Hamramstan has always been a nuisance and cause of disturbance to the peace of India.Following new hollow threats from the state like Back-door recruitment from the region,has caused new tensions to rise between the regions.

This was proved when he tried to contact our new nation,Gujaratian via contacting him on telegrams and agaiating him towards the region via fake evidences and character assassinations of those on the admin panel.When Gujarataian refused to leave India,Hamramstan started abusing him.

Noting that this is not the first time he tried to harm India,in the past as well,such attempts are well known.Few days ago,the region suffered trollers and spammers,all caused by 4 proxy nations,whose names contained the identities of well known Real Life terrorist organisations.Nonetheless all these proxies were controlled by same Hamramstan.

Noting that Hamramstan using Bharadesh as his puppet to interefere into the elections of India,trying to change the result and practicing malpractices such as bribery of admin posts,etc.Not only this but also abusing and threatening voters of the opposition party.

After 24 hours of Moderators intervention request,the moderators banned him for 3 days,revealing on the RMB that both the nations are controlled by the same player.But the step couldn't stop him from threatening the peace of India.

The most recent case includes him asisting The Black Hawks,to raid Indian Mars,the puppet storage region of India.Though the region has been now liberated via military actions.

Noting all these incidents,the Foreign Ministry hereby declares that,with the permission of WA Delegate,Hindu Puri,that all possible options to tackle the situation,including both military and diplomatic solutions are open now,and that any further mistake from the side of Hamramstan will only be dealt with a strong retaliation from India.

It should be noted that Military options include raidings as well,on which our Government has all rights to carry out to protect the interest of our region,keeping in mind all the above incidents of threats and malpractices of Hamramstan.

Diplomatic options,Including a condemnatiom from the World Assembly Security Council,is been in discussion among the higher council.

It is also required to reveal that the complete archieve of images cannot be released here as they contain the screenshots of Hamramstan abusing other NS players and those evidences has been sealed to respect the site rules and to protect the identity and dignity of the victim nations.

Issued By:
Ministry of Foreign Affairs,Government of India