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The Geotopia Times - Issue #011 (15/03/19)

New Year, Same Oppressive Government

Issue #011

Friday, March 15th, 2019


Sunny, but with high winds.

We don't do that any more, remember?

Herald Geo is still missing; this feature will return once he does.

3 traitors

Graham Chalmers, Senior Reporter

The mystery of where Herald Geo has been these last few months has finally been revealed, after the government declassified information relveant to the situation; we will now tell you the story of what happened.

Following the events of the first Apocalyptian Civil War in 2016, the Herald retreated to Equestria; the man who appeared on a monitor in Geotopia some days after the Herald's disappearance was a lookalike, seeking to rally those of us who remained loyal. This scheme ultimately worked, as the military went on to defeat the rebels and capture their leader, who now almost faces execution.

While in Equestria, the Herald - and a regiment of Shadow Troopers who followed him there - assisted the Equestrians and their Crystal Empire allies in waging war against an army of Diamond Dogs, who sought to bring King Sombra back into the world.

As it turned out, their Sombra and ours - the man who nearly brought about our annihilation in 2015 - are the same entity. Sombra came to the Apocalypse through the very magical anomaly which now powers the portal between our worlds, and assumed control over the first human he saw. Using this body, he went about taking control of the Apocalypse, with the intention of using our military to forge himself a new empire. This gambit failed when he was killed by then Captian Geo, who had discovered that he was the true heir to the Apocalyptian leadership. Sombra still had loyalists, but most of the military - who opposed his plans for world domination - sided with Geo, who now called himself the new Herald; a week of bitter fighting soon followed, during which over twenty thousand lives were lost.

In the end, Sombra's forces were destroyed, and Herald Geo assumed total control. Sombra himself ended up back in Equestria, where he lingered as a spirit, waiting for the moment when he could be made whole again.

That moment came when the Diamond Dogs found what was left of his pony body, and successfully brought him back to life using the power of an artifact known as the Crystal Heart. (The Dogs had been forced out of Equestria by Herald Geo and his men, but the Equestrians were unaware of this and were preparing to attack the 'enemy camp' using their own troops, as well as reinforcements from the Crystal Empire. Taking advantage of the Empire's limited military presence, the Dogs assaulted and seized the city, then used the heart as a font for their dark ritual).

Upon arriving at the Diamond Dog camp, Princess Twilight Sparkle quickly realised that the enemy were no longer in the area, and that the two-legged individuals were, in fact, Apocalyptian soldiers. The attack was called off before any lives were lost, and the Herald explained the situation to Princess Twilight and her friends.

Some time later, while exploring the Apocalyptian camp, Princess Twilight found the empty case the Dogs had been using to transport Sombra's horn. A Diamond Dog scout, who had been captured by GDA forces, explained their plans; word was immediately sent to recall the Equestrian Army and send it to the Crystal Empire. Herald Geo pledged the support of himself and his men, and together the GDA and Equestrian troops rushed to the Crystal Empire.

Upon arrival, they found the Crystal Empire's forces laying siege to the already captured city; the GDA forces immediately began an assault, hoping to break through the lines, but were forced back when the ritual was completed.

Sombra was back, and the first thing he did was empower the Dogs with dark magic; with newfound strength, they began pushing back the allied troops. The GDA forces refused to be forced back, however; they fought to their last breath, using the suicide vests they wore to devastating effect.

When all hope seemed lost, hope arrived in the form of reinforcements from the Fatherland; Acting Herald Dawson had figured out where the Herald was and came to Equestria. He was told of the situation in the Empire and proceeded with haste to the location, joined by the 1st Insigificant Infantry Division; medical teams from the Paradise and Twilightlicious also attended.

The reinforcements turned the tide of the battle, and the Diamond Dogs found themselves being forced back into the city, where bitter hand-to-hand fighting took place. Meanwhile, the Herald took advantage of the chaos to sneak into the castle, accompanied by Princess Twilight and two bodyguards.


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