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Roleplay Application (March 14th, 2019)

RP Nation Name: The Sovereign Social Union of Puetavisa

Head of State: Emmanuel Soto
Head of Government: Emmanuel Soto
Legislature: The People's Senate of Puetavisa

-Map Claim: IRL Mexico, including Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, California, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Kansas, as well as Cuba.
-Capital City: Prosperta

Population & Demographics
- Total Population: 195,985,180
- Language(s): English (official), Spanish (cultural)
- Ethnic Group(s): Puetavistans, Mexican, American
- Religion(s): Red Catholicism (mandatory state religion)

Economy Description
- Primary Exports: Government sanctioned trade only
- Primary Imports: Government sanctioned trade only
- Government Type: Socialist Republic

Military Description
- Active Personnel: 119,000,000
- Reserve Personnel: 195,000,000
- Equipment: A combination of Mexican & American fire-arms, all time period legitimate. A large nuclear weapons stockpile.

Deciding that the peoples of Mexico had had enough being oppressed by their democratic and failing government, Hannibal Soto, Leader of the People’s Party launched his assault on the capital of Mexico City in 1931. Over 90% of the population supported his uprising, so the Mexican Government officials all surrendered themselves, no blood was shed.
Nine years later, after the Americans bombed Soviet Russia, the American economy was crippled due to lack of resources, funding, and manpower. Hannibal Soto, now Generalissimus of the Sovereign Social Union of Puetavisa, launched an attack on the South, reclaiming lands that were historically that of his country's. To take the country, they had the full support of Rughzhenhaide and the Western Commonwealth, thus pushing the Americans on 3 fronts. To further cripple them, he bombed major American industrial hubs with experimental fighter jets, a new technology at the time, thus gaining full support of civil rights activists. Little did they know, they just supported the most totalitarian government in the West, operating under the veil of a democracy.

He took the South smoothly, and lost few troops, pushing the United States to the most eastern part of North America. Within weeks of the onslaught, the USA surrendered, keeping only 10% of their original land.

Due to the Soviets being attacked, whom he provided military aide to, he had lost his only ally. However, his attack, which later went on to be called "The Puetavistan War of Faith," left him as the leading powerhouse of the West, and even contending to be a superpower worldwide. Although this great country lost its' only ally, they continue to mass manufacture weapons and nukes, raising this once small nation to a world renowned status.

The Sovereign Social Union is NOT willing to ally with pagan countries, due to them being devout followers of "Red Catholicism," and is very strict on joining treaties and agreements with non-religious countries.