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Imbrium Kolonie, Quincie has it's own state-governor and is considered a state of QuinciŽ. However, it functions like a sovereign nation compareable to the Vrijstaat Dietsland (Freestate Dutchland) which is also part of QuinciŽ. The colony depends on QuinciŽ when it comes to supplies including food and drinks, oxygen tanks, flora, weaponry & vehicle parts. Population: 405

Krymskaya Lunnaya Koloniya, Crimean Communist Union. All information is classified. Population: 347

Lunar Administration, Tianjastan The colony is more of a military facility on the moon, built to give the DRT a forward base of operations on the lunar front. The colony is government by the chairman of the lunar general committee. Population: 330

New Makatona, Makatona Founded after August Pickering's leap to power, New Makatona is a popular resort for the wealthy and powerful away from the chaos of Earth, the moon cities are laced together with high speed railways and are powered solely by nuclear and solar plants.
The colony is also home to various military bases that host a variety of secret weapons programs and missile silos. Population: 515