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The President of the Federation

Brenden Nevil Davis

President Davis captured at the 10000 Islands Annual Gathering


In office:
January 1st, 2050 -

Preceded by: Eustorgio Arran Harding

Personal Details


October, 2017 (51)
New York City, New York; USA



Political Party:



Hajnal Krisztina Samsa


Rokurou , Ebele , Dragomir


Usonian State University
- Degree in Economics


ND Christian


"We are all human. How can we talk of sacrificing lives, when they are our equals?"
- President B. Davis at the World Assembly

Brenden N. (Nevil) Davis is the President of the Federation of New Udonia. Beginning his term in 2050, President Davis has served for almost a decade as one of the Federation's four-most authority members. Although on equal authority as his fellow members of the Federal Chamber, he is internationally recognized as the leader, as the President's Office is tasked with international relations, among other things.

Early Life

Davis was born in the year 2017. In 2021, at age four, Davis lost his father, a United States Army Ranger, to Iranian artillery during the failed invasion of Tehran. At age 13, Davis' world was destroyed, as the Yellowstone Caldera decimated the region. The following natural disasters significantly shattered Davis' life, however he and his mother managed to survive, joining the hundreds of thousands of citizens who would form the District of Usonia.

Rise in Politics

Davis graduated from Usonian State University with a Degree in Economics before joining the private sector. Successfully assisting several organizations in efficiently streamlining their administrative structure, Davis was recommended by a colleague to consider the upcoming Presidential election. Although an independent, Davis won by a large margin, as his reputation preceded him. Davis was inaugurated on January 1st, 2050 at the age of 33.


As the second President of the Federation, Davis doesn't have a comfortable culture of tradition to blame for his shortcomings. As such, Davis has worked closely with the Federal Chamber to successfully streamline the nation's efficiency while upholding the Constitution. Davis has pursued numerous policies in order to further the Office of the President's executive mission. President Davis is directly responsible for the Department of State, Department of Health, and the Department of Technology; a difficult position when personally convicted to uphold the Constitution's freedom at any cost.


  • War on Eugenics
    With the second rise of the Galton Foundation and its adherents, President Davis and his office have come into direct conflict with the Foundation's mission. Believing in the sanctity of every human life, Davis has declared war on virtually every aspect of eugenics, leading to international outrage. Abortion, euthanasia, and genetic engineering (all legal according to the WA) have been targeted not just by the President, but the entire Federal Chamber.

  • Laissez-faire
    President Davis, with the support of his comrades in the Federal Chamber, has pursued a virtually perfect policy of Laissez-faire economics. The government is restricted from manipulating the economy. The government has effectively eliminated inflation by eliminating the minimum wage, fiat money, and numerous other artificial actions against the free market. Of course, the market must follow regulations on human rights and legal industries, leaving certain organizations to declare the Federation to be fascist.

  • Universal Healthcare
    President Davis has supported the legalization of universal healthcare for all citizens of the Federation. Although this may seem a socialist's dream and an economy's nightmare, efficient streamlining of government funding has allowed the project to succeed. Citizens pay a large income tax, hovering between 40-50% of all formal income, which thereby allows the Department of Health to consume ~5% of funding. Of course, in order to prevent the abuse of civil rights, certain steps have been taken. Any citizen can renounce their citizenship and become a permanent resident, effectively allowing them to avoid the heavy income taxes. However, permanent residents must fund their own healthcare, and they can not vote in referendums, something which the majority relies on heavily for political freedom.

For & Against

  • For: Natural Selection, Human Expansion, Egalitarianism, Laissez-faire, Capitalism, Nationalism, Supranationalism

  • Against: Eugenics, Population Control, Social Justice, Communism, Socialism, National Socialism, Globalism

Personal Information

In 2041, Davis met his future wife, Hajnal Krisztina Samsa, at Usonian State University. Over a decade later, in 2053, Davis and Samsa re-met at a conference. They were married in 2055. The couple has three children, with two of them adopted from the thousands orphaned in 2068 by the zombification pandemic.

Personal Trivia

  • Samsa is employed as the Secretary of Legislation, leaving the couple's critics with extensive room for criticism.

  • Davis has commented that his favorite music is 'Alternative contemporary symphony'.

  • Davis claims to be a non-denominational Christian, effectively using the term WWJD during international debates with religious and anti-religious rivals alike.


“Marriage should be a personal contract, once which serves only to enrich the lives of those who enter into it.”

“The benefit of being an egalitarian is being morally correct while driving all of the radicals insane.”

“Morals are not shares, they can't be bought and sold.”

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