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Pi Day Festival

Pi Day Festival
Hosted by El Fiji Grande
Date: March 14, 2019

Happy Pi Day!

This is a short, one-day mini event hosted by El Fiji Grande for The North Pacific. The event is open to all players currently residing within The North Pacific.

  • The Pi Day Challenge! - Register for an account with your nation name, and compete against others in TNP to finish all the puzzles and problems first! Whoever finishes first within TNP, posts a screenshot of their Genius Certificate to the RMB, and tags me in that post has won. Feel free to create dispatches with hints for others.

  • Digits of Pi - See how many digits of pi you can memorize! My favorite trainer is:

  • Pi Day Art Contest - Create an artwork that captures your enthusiasm for pi day! Draw, bake, decorate, paint, RP, etc.... I want to see pictures. Tag me in an RMB post with your artwork to submit your entry for consideration.

  • Pi Day Challenge - the first five people to complete all the puzzles and post their Genius Certificate will receive a Legendary NS Card.

  • Digits of Pi - The first person who can memorize more digits than I know, and prove it, will receive one Legendary NS Card.

  • Pi Day Art Contest - The winner of the contest will receive one Legendary NS Card.