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Proposal for Stuff

What I have noticed about the League as of now.

a) Most of its member nations are busy with school.
b) We do not have a set system in place in order to effectively deter invasion.
c) The names of the rankings pretty much are misleading.

Invasion Deterrent
-Enforce a small draft (.5-.7%) on each nation for military troops.
-Make each nation pay a certain amount of money for this military force.
-Member nations can call upon the army in need and draw troops out of it, in case there is no nation unable to help in time, or none active.

-Enforce free trade between members.
-Create a treasury
-Have each nation to put in a certain amount of their GDP into the said treasury.
-Nations can pull out of the treasury in certain emergency situations.
-Nations who loan out of the treasury must pay back a quarter of what they took with a 2% interest rate starting one year after the event. Nations will still have to keep their mandatory amount while paying.

1st Proposal:
-Rename "Upper Council" into "Council" and "Lower Council" into "Members".
-Council votes on all matters that need voting.
-Members can share opinions, but cannot vote.
-Protectorates of the Council or Members shall not be able to vote.

-2nd Proposal:

-Upper Council votes on all matters that need voting.
-If the vote passes, then it does not go to the Lower Council.
-If the vote fails in the Upper Council, it shall go to the Lower Council for voting.
-If it passes in the Lower Council, then the matter/item at vote is passed.
-Protectorates shall be able to vote individually with the Lower Council, but their vote is worth 1/2 of a Lower Councilman's vote.