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Coolio New Nation Package (TEP Edition) W.I.P.

The East Pacifican Guide to NS

Welcome to NationStates!

This package has been created in order to better help YOU, yes, YOU to fully integrate within The East Pacific. Simply viewing this may be a lot, but it is important to ensure that each individual nation knows how to run their nation alongside their comrades. We at The East Pacific are willing to answer any of your questions!
Questions and Answers

Q. I've been receiving telegrams from people trying to convince me to join their region, what should I do?

A. First things first, these telegrams are marked as Recruitment telegrams. Recruitment telegrams are sent out by people, usually, government officials in other regions who try to encourage new nations to join their region. To remove these, go to Telegrams and select Preferences. Select which types of telegrams you want to block.

Q. I didn't choose to be in The East Pacific when I created my nation, why am I here?

A. The East Pacific is one of five 'Filler' regions. Filler regions are especially unique compared to other regions, as they are coded to put newly-founded nations into them. Because of this, Filler nations are one of the most powerful powerbrokers on the International Stage.

Q. This Fedele guy keeps pestering me to join a 'World Assembly,' who does this guy think he is?

A. Fedele is the regional World Assembly Delegate. Delegates have like, an insane amount of power. Delegates are selected by who has the most World Assembly Endorsements. To keep this answer short, I'll just say that other nations can attack our region by taking advantage of this system. In order to keep our region safe, we need your help in combating evil scum and maintaining a democratic status quo in The East Pacific. By endorsing our delegate, you become one of many heroes in The East Pacific.

Q. I lost my dog while playing NationStates, can you help me?

A. Although we would love to help, be careful about who you meet on NS. It is illegal in the United States of America for an adult to lure a minor away from their home. Because this is a real-life legal issue, luring a minor away from their home is a serious crime and The East Pacific, NationStates, and other groups/regions you go to in NS will NOT be responsible for your actions. Check your local guidelines if you do not live in the United States of America.
*Defining a minor as somebody under 18 | Defining an adult as somebody over 21

Q. What is the World Assembly?

A. The World Assembly is the world's governing body. Or, like a government over all governments. Joining the WA is fully optional, but joining gives you some kewl perks. You will be able to vote and make World Assembly Resolutions for other nations to vote on. See more specific guidelines for more information on how to author your own resolution.