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TSHP Universe Mechanics(Read Before Joining)

Hello, and welcome to TSHP Universe A Lobby. This is a new system being put together by Pheonix Juz.
Planets, Regions, and Nations, Oh My!
Each planet will be its' own Region, and each RP nation will either control their own planet(s), or exist on one of the Contested Planets, like Earth.

Earth A will be one of hopefully many, if we can spur the activity, of TSHP Contested Planets. Pretty much just like Earth in real life, home to multiple nations.

As a first Example of Planetary Nations, Juzia A will be created shortly. It is wholly owned by.... You guessed it, the Juzians.

Using Embassies, all the Planets will link back to THIS hub.

Damned Immigrants.... Takin' all our jobs
Immigration will actually be a mechanic here. Everyone will start out by making 5 puppets on top of the homeland puppet(Founder of their Planet). They can move one of these Immigration Puppets to another person's planet, but it takes 3 Days IRL for the travel, during which time the puppet can chill here. ALL INTERACTIONS BETWEEN ONE PLANET AND ANOTHER, ASIDE FROM LONG RANGE TRANSMISSIONS REQUIRE ONE OF THESE IMMIGRATION PUPPETS IN THEIR REGION.
However, once a week, you will accumulate a "Rift Token". A one-time use Artifact, which allows you to immediately move one Immigration Puppet to a Planetary body of your choice. Was created by an unknown and likely long dead species(More ingame lore, and probably a better name, Coming soon)

The Alphabet
Different Time periods will be different Universes, each one lettered.... We can even have(And I have ideas for) a fantasy universe. There will be a means of temporary and volatile inter-universal travel introduced, sort of like an event chain. Whomever is in control of the Planet you are thrust into will undoubtedly have the upper hand.

Technology 101
Yes, a Tech tree. Mainly based off whatever time period we decide to work with, by me. With 10 points toward the research goal each week. I do all the hard work, you just choose what to research as a nation. This will tie into other zany mishaps and incidences.

When one Nation on a planet gains a tech, the others get a 50 point increase in their research.