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North Dalibencot: A Land of Peace Without War, a Land of True Harmony Among Men, a Land of Beautiful Wilds

North Dalibencot: A Letter from the Chieftain King to The World Outside

Dear People,

You may not have been to North Dalibencot, and you may be wondering what it truly is. I shall tell you so. North Dalibencot is a land eroded by time, with few people but each with a prosperous heart. Of the some six thousand who live across the great expanse of over eight hundred thousand square kilometres not a soul is corrupt. Each with a certain music in their heart. A music of peace and love, with no knowledge of war. The land provides here. With great expanses of beautiful wilderness from hilly and mountainous open Savannah to thick jungles, to beautiful coral reefs dotting a golden sanded and warm coast the land provides all the people need without farming. The animals do not harm us, nor each other, but live in a perfect harmony. I have been lucky enough to inheret the Kingdom from my father, but it is truly no Kingdom - it is a Land. Similar to the appearance of Africa.

The people here live in peaceful villages where no one quarrels or fights. They simply work their trade for the common good, and feast upon the blessings the Lord God has provided for the land. They all ubderstand one thing: that peace, brotherliness, and kindness to all - animal and man - will truly show us the way to happiness. You will seldom find a soul here who doesn't live to at least one hundred. There is nothing but goodness in tis land. The fishermen find the greatest bounties of savoury fish, and the wayfinders find the sweetest berries and greatest vegetables and grain. The woodworkers work wood, and the craftsmen build the houses for the new families. The musicians light up each town and villiage with a song of harmoney and peace played in every corner, and leaving everyone with that certain music and dance in their heart.

Even the fire here leaps and dances with the people - changing from colour to colour as the music changes from one hue to the next. This is a land of no darkness, and no sadness - for there is only light and happiness. The death of an elder is treated with solemn happiness - for we celebrate what they did in this life and know their spirits dance across the open savannahs, and highest mountains. This is why we let no outsider enter the Kingdom - for when they do enter it they spread a greed that is nearly impossible to vanquish. A greed that is insatiable, and a lust overwhelming. We wish to not to lead the lives you outsiders do - but to cherish and dance in simplicity forever.

With Heart,
Akichulu, Chieftain King of North Dalibencot