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List of Government-Owned Sites

TubeYou - Insanely popular video-sharing site

Biscord - Messaging and video chatting application (totally isn't used to spy on populace)

All official websites and websites relating and owned by the state owned companies.

Waterwolf - The default search engine set on ALL devices. Has at least 500 million users. A Waterwolf account gets you an account on all the other government owned sites (minus the ones owned by state owned companies).

Instant Grahams - Bought by the government after one year of its release, this site is a social media where you can post, like posts, comment, start groups, video chat, and more.

All official government websites.

MooseDocs - A simple to use software that is used to type documents.

ManateeSlides - An easy to use software that is used to create online presentations

ElephantMaps - A domestic map/GPS that can guide you to government-approved places.

WaterWolf Photos - A site where you can privately upload your photos and not being seen by anyone (DEFINITELY not the government) except for people who have permission.

HotMail Remastered - A remade version of the old HotMail email site

All other sites are screened and censored, just like all the other forms of media.

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