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FCN Hall of Shame

The Federation of Conservative Nations Hall of Shame (est. 10/24/18)
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  • Topeka "the Tyrant" - Inducted 10/29/2018

[none available]

  • Colorado-kansas - Inducted 10/29/2018

Induction of Colorado-kansas into the hall of Fame

Wishing that the hall of fame be filled with more nations that deserve it.
Colorado-kansas was known as the leader of the CDP alongside Crimsonfield.
Some things he did were trying to become the regional leader after only being in the region for a month.
Holding an Iron Fist around the senate and refusing to confirm Libervalley.
Recruiting Christian bounds to DDOS Gagium in order to coup the region.
Hereby inducts Colorado-kansas into the Hall of Fame.

  • Rhineland sued "Rhiney" - Inducted 12/2/2018

Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame Transferal Act

Moves Rhineland sued into the Hall of Shame: Still noting his attempted impeachment of former President The United States of Qui-Gon, but additionally, his attempted impeachment of Creeperopolis (as well as Viridus at first) due to Creeper's muting him as a result to his unwanted spamming. Further noting his nation's deletion by the NS mods as well as Rhineland's multiple ragequits from the CCN/FCN

Induction of Crimsonfield into the Hall of Fame

Wishing for the Hall of Fame to be filled with more nations that deserve it

Notices Crimsonfield's traitorous behavior attempting to get Gagium impeached and his new region DDoSing Gagium

Recognizes that Crimsonfield attempted to collude with FCN members (mainly CP) to impeach Gagium which in short backfired on him, in which he then targeted the Army of Freedom in N-Day 3 after DDoSing Gagium

Hereby: Inducts Crimsonfield into the Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame and Hall of Shame Transferal Act
Crimsonfield into the Hall of Shame: On the same grounds as why she was inducted into the Hall of Fame, she just wasn't moved to the Hall of Shame by mistake

  • Lalop "the Fraud" - Inducted 12/13/2018

Lalop/Catop Induction Bill

Mindful that it has been several months since Lalop left the FCN

Understanding that Lalop has attempted to compromise the integrity of the FCN’s democracy by using puppets during the October 2018 election

Aware of Lalop’s unsportsmanlike behaviour after losing the October election

Recognizing that after leaving the FCN, Lalop moved to the blossoming region, “Roman Empire” in which he took part in writing the region’s constitution, making it so that all nations would become citizens and viable to vote in elections immediately after joining the region, a rule which he would later abuse in order to use his puppets to perform voter fraud in their most recent election.

Acknowledging the detrimental impact that his actions have had on the Roman Empire, as their founder has been missing for weeks, and now their democracy is in disarray

Concluding that Lalop has completely broken his vows to stand by the FCN as well as our core beliefs, and constitution, as well as to never commit treason

Hereby: inducts Lalop into the Hall of Shame under the alias “The Fraud”

Blueflarst Induction into the Hall of Shame

Seeing and Appalled at how Blueflarst has made comments in support of the September 2018 Coup D'état Attempt and DDoS.

Also Noting that he has made statements wishing to see Crimsonfield return to the FCN.

Knowing how supporting enemies of the FCN is extremely treasonous.

Hereby Inducts Blueflarst into the FCN Hall of Shame (#hall-of-shame)