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Marbhaven News-ColdWyvern Celebrates 350th Anniversary of Operation Deep Dive

Today ColdWyvern is once again gripped by holiday fervor as the annually celebration of the success Operation Deep Dive 350 years ago rolls around once more. People are dancing on the streets, stores are closing early, help by the rapid buying of stock by customers, and even the streets of the mountain cities are filled with the aroma of spices. As usual the government is shut down for the day to help with planning parades, and the candles of the Deep Dive Lighthouses are glowing with a brilliant radiance. Despite his busy schedule we managed to get an interview with one of the actors of the Operation, Pilot Alban Djall.

Alban: it's a pleasure to be here Judy.

Judy: so how have things been since Deep Dive?

Alban: Thing couldn't be better. Manage to get a job working as a the helmsman of a cargo sub. It ain't much but the business is good.

Judy:So, do you have any plans the anniversary

Alban: well, me and the others have mostly been busy helping out in our home towns, but we all are planning to gives gift to the descendants of Shaun and Riley, they were a great man and woman, things haven't been the same since they passed... *prays under breath* but I suppose that is old news by now.

Judy: *also prays under breath* Now Alban, for those abroad who don't know, who could recount what happened.

Alban: Sure thing. So as per the treaty of Estremouth, which ended the War of Undead Survival, ColdWyvern was forbidden to have port on, or on a river leading to, sea. At first it was fine, we managed to get by with trading with neighbors. That was until roughly 70 years after the country was established, if I'm remember correctly the tail end of Barrister Aqen presidency, when they started embargoing us. At first we were fine, after a year or so the crops starting failing for some unknown reason. Most of our living citizen were starving to death, and the most heavily affected were the immigrants from our neighbors, and yet they still continued to embargo. Desperate, we reached out for help on further away countries, who were surprised to hear that aid they had sent did not arrive. Turned out the the country that owned the coasts around us were preventing aid from getting in. So in the last year of Barrister's presidency, Operation Deep Dive was launched. ColdWyvern set up a port on the landlocked Lake Northmar. It was actually a front for the large project below. hundreds of wizards, miners and demolition experts were contracted and paid handsomely to not tell anyone about what they were doing. What they were doing was digging a tunnel, one which would span the 50 miles between the lake and a massive cave system which leads to the ocean. Officially the port did not exist, and all of the country closed their lips when outsiders asked about it. At the same time, ColdWyvern's top engineers and inventors, including our current president were gather on the bank of the river Tunbalt, Lake Northmar's tributary, to design a vehicle which could go underwater. 5 years in, the tunnel was about a third done, we finally had a successful design, now It was looking for people to operate it. This is when I entered the picture, In my past life I was a fairly good Helmsman, and when I saw a poster written in haylard code looking for volunteers for the first submersible, I jumped at the chance. From that point are schedule was train, train, train some more, then a short break while Shaun and Riley had breakfast, then back to more training. By the time the canal was complete 10 years later, we were veterans of a field that didn't exist yet. The sub was launched under the cover of a stormy night. All of the crew helped turn the crank which propelled the craft except me who was piloting, Riley who was our navigator and Rory who was controlling our depth. First we cross the Balla na Mara, the magical net keeping the sea water from contaminating the lake, and then the hardest part of the journey was underway. for at least 24 hours we had to make sure that our 2 living crew member didn't die from lack of oxygen, which lead to us to closely monitor the plant we had on board. Half through the crankshaft broke near the propeller, requiring Shaun, our mechanic to quickly repair with the spare parts we had on board. Eventually we had finally made it out of the canal and were on our way to the nearest country trying to provided aid about three quarter in we were surprised when a cannonball softly hit our starboard side. We stopped and wait ever fearfully, a few minutes later a another ball hit us looking up as best as I could I eventually spotted the shadow of a ship, after the third cannonball we assumed they were trying to get used to rise and started to get to work on pumping out the water from the ballast tanks. once were finally reach the surface we were approached be a longboat. Based on the uniform I could tell they were from one of the Dragon Kingdoms. For what seem like a minute we simply looked at each other until a dark elf with a beard told us "I am Captain Ianfaren of the Fredrontir's Ship the Allart, who are you". we did not technically have a captain but I was the senior most officer so I responded " I am Helmsman Djall of the ColdWyvern Vessel the Looper. The captain then said "ColdWyvern eh, I thought you weren't allowed to have a navy, also what is this thing" and points to the sub. "well technically we were only prohibited from building a ports to sea" I said back, "and we call this a submarine, it supposed to avoid detection by going underwater, but clearly that has failed. He gave a brief chuckle and asked" Well, were exactly are you going", to which I answered "We are going to Lorin to attempt to collect the foreign aid there trying sending us before it gets stopped. "well, guess I better stop delaying you then" he said. We then dove back down and continued the rest of the way without incident. While in Lorin we talked to the the king and loaded the food onto our sub and head back to ColdWyvern halfway through the tunnel we noticed the ship had sprung a leak, Which was quickly patched up, but we had to deal with about an inch of water on the floor for the rest of the way back. We got back to Deep Dive to celebration. We had all been given metals by President Talos. When word got around to our neighbors they were furious. Witnessing a discussion between Talos and Rolant the king of Yeagon, Rolant yelled" This is clearly a violation of the treaty, if you don't not get rid of territories on the lake now, there will be war". "firstly, The Treaty gave us our territory around lake to use however we decided. Talos said, then with a more frustrated tone" Secondly, The part cave we tunneled to was 15 miles away from the coast, which is not only part of our territory, but still 5 miles away from the territory forbidden to use, and thirdly" at this point shouting" If I remember correctly, the Treaty was supposed to end the WAR, not just the fighting. Preventing foreign aid from reach this country counts as a blockade of this country, which is a wartime action" Eventually after much debate ColdWyvern was allowed to own Deep Dive and a few years later, due to the world seeing that clause as irrelevant now, The Treaty was redrafted to remove that prohibition on sea ports. And that's just about it.

Judy: thank you, unfortunately we are out of time for the interview.

Alban: shoot, well, thank you for having me

Judy: your welcome so viewers, this is is Alban Djall of the Looper's Crew, And this is Judy Tredak of the Marbhaven News.