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The Unofficial Constitution of the Moderate Alliance

This document will serve as a guide for the creation of an official constitution and will be dubbed the "New Ramo Plan"


March 2nd in the year of our Lord 2019

We the sovereign nations of the Moderate Alliance, in order to create a more perfect alliance, declare that all members are provided with certain rights that can not be denied, that the members shall take part in a democratically elected government and establish the rights to defense, justice, and the protection of their citizens. To protect the blessings of liberty, do ordain and establish this constitution of the Moderate Alliance.

Article I: Constitutional Rights of Member States

The members of this alliance are hereby granted these rights:

  • The freedom to speak freely on the RMB or any provided platform of the Moderate Alliance.

  • The freedom of religious beliefs or lack of on any provided platforms.

  • The freedom to or not interact and communicate with the other members on provided platforms.

  • Members holds the right to participate in democratic elections to elect members of the regional government.

  • All Members holds the Rights to run for office in the government of the Moderate Alliance.

  • All Member States can freely take part in any regional activities as they wish.

  • All rights are reserved for the Members of the Moderate Alliance. States that have been deemed as a flamer, spammer, fascists or any other form of a troll does not have any rights in the Alliance. Ejection and ban will only be administered after a warning and if their action has presented an immediate threat to the members of the Alliance (Which will most likely lead to immediate ban and ejection).

Article II: Senatorial Power and Limits

Article III: Presidential Power and Limits

Article IV: Judicial Power and Limits

Article V: Regional Election Guidelines

Article VI: Founder Cease to Exists

Article VII: Constitutional Embassy Policy

Article VIII: Amending the Constitution

Article IX: Role Play Policy

Article X: Citizenship

March 2019
Drafted by: New ramo

New ramo