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W&S for Delegate! March 2019

Well, here it is. Looks like the stars aligned and Iím taking another crack at this.

Howdy everyone! Iím W&S. I think Iíve been back long enough that most of you all know me or have at least had some kind of interaction with me, but as itís been a very long time since I last ran for office, Iíd like to tell you all a little about me, my experience in NationStates, and what I think I can bring to the table.

Firstly, a little about my background. I started playing NS on February 1, 2013. I was 15 years old and in my first year of high school. Originally it was part of a civics class project, but It appears I fell down a bit of a rabbit hole by opening my telegram box and reading AersoldorfĎs recruitment TG. I signed up for 10kiís forum 3 days later, fell in love with the community, was a Senator by the end of the 2013, and joined TITO in early 2014. Between 2013 and 2017 I served a total of three terms as Himes West senator, was university dean for about two and a half years over two terms, and got absolutely addicted to TITO and defending.

It was in 2016 that I got my dream job. Klopstock offered me the position of TITO Tactical Officer in February of that year. For a little over the year I had the opportunity to lead TITO members into battle and coordinate operations with other defending organizations. That was an absolute dream come true for me. I resigned the position in March 2017 because of some ideological differences between me and the rest of command. I left to join the Grey Wardens, which was the best worst decision of my career. The Wardens I served with are still some of my closest friends in NS, but it never properly felt like home. After a significant hiatus for most of 2018, I returned to 10ki. In that time Iíve remained active in the Gameplay community and in TITO, and Iím currently chairman of TIP.

What I bring to the table
I think the biggest asset I bring to the job is a very large list of friends and contacts that Iíve made outside of 10ki, especially over the last two to three years. Iím extremely active in the Gameplay community at large, and though I donít post much on the forum, my Discord presence is considerable and Iím active in the Gameplay server as well as several GCRs, most notably the South Pacific and the Rejected Realms. While I recognize that it is not common precedent for a 10ki Delegate to be active or vocal on the forums and in Gameplay threads about our position on the issues, that is one of the things I would be most likely to do during my tenure. Iíll talk a little more about my vision in a minute, but I believe that due to my background and experience in the broader world of Gameplay I bring a uniquely global perspective to the role that will serve 10ki extremely well in furthering our agenda both at home and abroad.

My vision
My vision is a global one. My main priorities as delegate would be to continue to nurture relationships with current embassy partners and to actively seek and promote new lines of communication. One of my biggest pet peeves on the international stage is that there is always a certain reaction whenever I introduce myself and say Iím from 10ki. Itís like I am almost instantly expected to spout defender propaganda and lecture them about how raiding is bad or something. We have made massive strides in improving this image, and I applaud TITO Command for taking steps to relax some of the rules and making it easier for Islanders to get involved on the global stage. As Delegate I intend to use things like this to our advantage; encouraging Islanders to get active in events and other regions, and trying to shift the image from being an isolationist, propaganda-spouting defender sphere to what we are - one of the most active and vibrant cultural hubs in the game.

10ki has the personnel and the drive to be a global superpower. Weíre the biggest UCR in the game. We have been for a long time and we can use that influence even more effectively than we already are.[/box]

Foreign affairs and the role of the delegate
The way I see it, the main role of the 10ki delegate is to serve as the head of foreign affairs - a sort of 4th ministry or 5th senate seat in charge of being the public face of the region. Unlike a lot of regions, we donít have an official government position in charge of this - rather, they are subsumed into the role of the delegate. Thatís the main reason why I find the ďunofficialĒ policy of staying out of the NS forum and gameplay matters a little backwards - if 10kiís delegate never comments on WA matters and never engages in gameplay, it continues to re-entrench the idea that we are an isolationist bunch of elitists who donít want to engage with those who think different from us. I am just the opposite. I want to be in the conversation. And Iím sure that by and large, we will benefit from being a part of it.

My priorities for foreign affairs are as follows:
- Actively looking for new embassies and lines of communication to regions with which we may not want an official embassy
- Pushing hard to fill empty emissary positions
- Encouraging emissaries to do more than just post foreign updates in their assigned regions. Promote regular activity and involvement in those regions.
- Taking active part in WA and Gameplay conversations as a representative of 10kiís interest
- Seeking out opportunities for 10ki to participate in interregional events
- Starting a recurring event akin to TRRís hugely successful Popmaster contest
- 10ki hosting or co-hosting a festival of some kind

The World Assembly
With regards to writing resolutions, I am not the expert Kuriko is. Still, I will offer all the support I can to resolution-writers in 10ki. With regard to approval specifically, something I want to do is start specifically providing notification of when I have approved a resolution as soon as it is deemed legal by moderation. I want to do this because if there is significant backlash or resistance to a particular resolution, I will consider withdrawing my approval. In terms of voting, I will use the forum vote as my guide except when matters of security or TITO interest are in play, in which case I will attempt to vote-stack as quickly as possible in a certain direction. I will also do my best to notify Discord and the RMB whenever a new resolution comes to vote.

Forum usage
A vast majority of official 10ki activity happens on the forum. As Chair of TIP one of my goals in the coming months is to really step up recruitment for political parties, TIP in particular but the political system in general. One of the biggest (controllable) barriers to regional population growth is new nation retention and Iíve always been sort of surprised that we havenít pushed RP as much as some regions, which is why this is an opportune time to try and get more nations involved in the forum and potentially sticking around. With the change in the duties of the Himes West senator, I will work very closely with whoever gets elected to that position to do a big roleplaying recruitment drive. As far as internal affairs go, that is probably my biggest goal of this term. We have the opportunity to really grab the bull by the horns and get RP moving again.

Following Kuriko
Kuriko was absolutely right when she said in her campaign that we have been waiting for too long for other like-minded regions to come to us. She has done a fantastic job in getting the ball rolling, and I want to start my term by keeping that going. Making use of the game-side info center, generally being more active in Gameplay and the forums as a region is something I would love to see. I also want to continue her excellent work in the World Assembly - she has been fantastic about posting on the RMB and encouraging nations to participate in debate.

Of course, Iím happy to answer any questions anyone may have about my political stances or ideas. TG, PM me on the forum, message me on Discord post in my campaign thread, I'd love to talk. Iím looking forward to a fantastic campaign and I hope you will have me as your next Delegate of 10000 Islands!

Viva 10ki!

Currently I hold citizenship in the South Pacific, though I hold no official government position there and have no intention of doing so at any point during my term as Delegate, as that would be in violation of the law. I also have nations in the West Pacific and the Rejected Realms, though those are more for keeping up with friends in those regions. A full list of my nations can be provided on request.[/spoiler]