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MoRA : 2nd Copa South Pacifica

This is your advanced notice of an upcoming event

The 2nd Copa South Pacifica is almost here!

What is this?

The Copa South Pacifica is an association football competition for nations within the South Pacific held within the NS Sports forum with NationStates.


With an ultimate goal of bringing together nations from around TSP. Nations compete for the Coalition Cup.

If this is the Second C⚽️pa, what happened last time?

The first Copa was held in North Prarie, who was a most gracious host.

The tournament was won by Stetzra who beat the hosts in the final.

How do I sign up?

Closer to the competition, a signup sheet will be posted in NS Forums and will be advertised widely across all of TSPs home.

You can see the example of what happens by looking at last years signup sheet

How do I participate?

Once the signup is concluded the host will post an 'Everything Thread.'

The 'Everything Thread' is the place where you can roleplay to your hearts content.

Because the C⚽️pa South Pacifica is a soccer tournament, people tend to keep things soccer related like posting details about their team, including player bios, details of kits, match reports. But you can generally have as much fun with it as you want....

Click to see how the first Everything Thread went

How do matches happen?

The host will generate the scores. Normally this is generated through a scorinator programme which takes into account many different factors when generating scores, but ultimately it is random.

So cross your fingers and pray to Margaret (the goddess of NS Sports).

May the odds be forever in your favour.

What's Next?

More details will be posted closer to the time....

... but if you have some experience of hosting an NS Sports tourney and want to be considered please let Beepee know.