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"A Letter To Vivian" - July 20, 1946

This letter was recovered on the outskirts of Kreb-Nout, in the Wuson Region, which is located in the Far East of Yugobatania. It is written to the author's presumed lover. The letter was found on the body of a long-dead soldier, presumably the author. A small snowglobe, shattered on one side, with a little snowman inside, was found clutched in his right hand. Also found were various ration boxes, human bones, MT-1940's-era Yugo firearms, ammo, explosives, an extensive network of trenches, and pinups of various dames from the 1940's. Evidence points this letter to be written around the mid-1940's, during the Yugo-Helana War. Helana was a rebel nation that declared unrecognized independence in 1943, creating a war that lasted until 1951. Helana will be discussed in a later article.

July 20, 1946

Dear Vivian,

It's been two years since I've heard your sweet voice. It's been a very momentous month. We were pushed back by those darn Helanans, and now here I am, slumped in a snow-filled trench, freezing my body off. Thankfully Harry is here to still keep me sane.

Currently we are on the outskirts of Kreb-Nout. Remember when you told me that you always wanted to come here? I had a chance to see the city during a patrol, and it's just as amazing as we've been told. Me, Harry, and the rest of the squad took a photo near the Vin River. Unfortunately, I don't have it, as, as funny as it sounds, a bird dived in and swooped it out of my hand, as I was inspecting it.

I was however, able to visit a souvenir shop in the city. The owner, an elderly woman, was very nice, and let us stay upstairs in her guest rooms for the night. As I was leaving, I spotted a little snowglobe - a little suprise for you. I'm not sure if this letter, nor the snowglobe, will ever reach you all the way in the West, but I'm hoping our mail boys can get it there.

I love you so much. And always remember, every night, I will dream about you.

Much love and dearest regards,

Sergeant First Class Christian B., 32nd Yugo Mountain Corps.