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Galactic Republic of Alexzonya - Branches of Government - The Presidency

The President of the Galactic Republic of Alexzonya is the single most powerful figure in GRA government, both the head-of-state and thus superior of all bureaucratic personnel and the superior of the Starfleet's Sky Marshall. Presidents are elected to terms of 5 Solar Years by a national popular vote, using a LinkBorda count ballot, with points from each ballot for each candidate tabulated as (1/Rank). So, on a ballot with 3 candidates, the first-choice candidate receives 1 point, the second-choice candidate receives 1/2, and the third-choice candidate receives 1/3. Voters are not required to rank all candidates, and unranked candidates receive 0 points from ballots on which they are not included.

A Brief History of Alexzonyan Presidents

Patrick Alexander
2 Full Terms (Declined to Stand for Reelection)
National Unity Party
- Founding of the Galactic Republic of Alexzonya
- First Constitutional Convention
- Establishment of the GRA Starfleet
- Dominion Coalition Founded
- Alexzonya-Alicante War
- Reunification War (GRA-DPRA)
- 3rd Generation Warships Developed

Victoria Augustine
1 Partial Term (Interrupted by 2nd Alexzonyan Civil War)
Republican Party
- Civil Service Reforms

Patrick Alexander
2 Full Terms (Declined to Stand for Reelection)
Conservative Party
- First USSR-GRA War
- Alexzonya joins the Barlat Concordiat
- Second Constitutional Convention
- Abolition of the Alexzonyan Federal Navy
- Governance of a Divided Nation and Rebuilding
- 4th Generation Warships Developed

Albert Neustein
4 Full Terms (Lost Reelection)
Alexzonyan National Party
- Major Fleet Expansion Initiative
- Settlement of Tale
- First Extraversal Colonization Attempt to MS-1 Fails
- Vulcan-Ish'Cong War
- Declaration of a "Interstellar War on Terrorism"
- Second GRA-USSR War
- Barlat-Laptev War
- Operation Full Circle and the Evacuation of Earth
- GRA-Pordish War
- 5th and 6th Generation Warships Developed

Francis Greene
2 Full Terms, 1 Partial Term (Assassinated)
Liberal Democratic Party
- Peace Dividend following the end of Barlat Era
- Rebuilding of National Character and Peacetime Infrastructure
- Withdrawal of GRA from Foreign Affairs
- Founding of the Arkship Initiative
- Assassinated during a Coup Attempt in the Trans-System Federation of Worlds
- 7th Generation Warships Developed

Kamara Westings
1 Partial Term (Finished Greene's Term; Interrupted by FB-1 Collapse)
Liberal Democratic Party
- Emergency Economic Reforms
- Led Nation through the FB-1 Collapse

Kaa'm Sia
1 Full Term, 1 Partial Term (Elected by Residents of Arkship Excelsior; Passed Away)
Conservative Party
- Alexzonya Arrives in NS-1
- Settlement of Meridian, Haven, Magellan, and Cabot
- Construction of the Meridian Staryards
- 8th Generation Warships Developed
- Starfleet Refounded in NS-1; Starfleet Specialty Corps Established

Angela Sutton
1 Full Term, 1 Partial Term (Finished Sia's Term; Lost Reelection)
Conservative Party
- Settlement of Olympia

Harriet Mason
6 Full Terms, 1 Partial Term (Passed Away)
Liberal Democratic Party
- "The Mother of Modern Alexzonya"
- First GRA President born in NS-1
- Hyperion Point founded at Liu Xiu
- Revised Elective National Service System Established to replace Mandatory National Service
- Alexzonyan Starways Established
- Settlement of Tranquility, Avalon, Lilith, Elonia, Windham, Ulysses, Atlantis, and Safari
- The Great Pacification: systemic elimination of pirates and other lawless elements in sectors around Alexzonyan space
- Normalized Diplomatic Relations with Many Neighboring Nations
- Construction of Haven and Cabot Staryards
- 9th Generation Warships Developed

Terrance Vonsecca
2 Full Terms, 1 Partial Term (Finished Mason's Term; Lost Reelection)
Liberal Democratic Party
- Settlement of Jubilee, Arlington, and Respite
- Battle of Phi Foracis (Second Brotherhood of Planets Civil War)
- Great Displacement and Founding of the Refugee Resettlement Advisory

Arthur Bailess
1 Full Term, 1 Partial Term (In-Progress)
Conservative Party
- The Great Expansion: Expanding International Influence and Sphere of Influence
- Founding of the Stepford-Arnau Trade and Military Alliance (SATMA)
- Founding of the Galactic Commerce Corridors (GCC)
- Founding of the Northeast Gamma Trade Network (NEGTN)
- GRA joins the League of Organized Territories and United Systems (LOTUS)
- GRA-Nyteborne War
- GRA-Scythian War
- Welded Intervention
- Revenant Conflict
- 10th Generation Warships Developed