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The Pacifican Townhall Meeting


A few weeks ago, the Senate has urged all of you Pacificans to ask us your burning questions, much-needed feedbacks and overall input on the Pacific in general. We have discussed and answered all of the questions that you have sent so please take a look at our responses. Thank you very much for everyone who has submitted their inputs. There may be another session like this so for those who missed the deadline can anticipate another townhall meeting in the future.

Is the Pacific region in decline?

Certainly not. If we are a little less active than other Game Created Regions, that is because of differences in culture. Our RMB may not get as many messages like TEP or even TSP receive, but that does not mean the region in in decline. We are active on our regional forum and Discord in addition to the RMB, and we encourage you to check them out Linkhere.

Are we going to organize a group RMB RP?

MegaVerse plots are at the discretion of the Overseer Samasbhi and the RMB roleplayers. You are encouraged to participate by RPing with them, and even come up with ideas of your own! Who knows, perhaps they will be developed into a MegaVerse plot. There are also plans for RP events in the NS forums in the future so that everyone that does not have an offsite forum account with the NPO can still participate. At this point, it is also good to mention that there is already indeed an RP group in the offsite forums. The community is very friendly and well-established, having been active since the early 2010s. We just entered the 7th version of our RP as well so those looking for a fresh start can definitely find it Linkhere

Are you a Republican?

We only adhere to matters related to in-game politics.

I don't think there's enough done to help everyone know just who is who - in a previous community I was part of, there was a hierarchical and graphical tree depicting every 'tagged' person which explains what they do and where. This is especially important now that we've merged the P&W and CN groups into one forum. Let's see if we can get this done so I can have one easy-to-access page that tells me everything I need to know at a glance. This also helps people visualise vacancies in teams that they may be interested in applying for, so you can have a link to click on for more information or apply straight from that page. Yes there are a number of pages that detail similar information, but nothing collated into one place easily accessible from anywhere.

We’ve got several ideas for making the information described easier to access and peruse. Determining the best way of doing that is a bit trickier since for instance, describing both what positions every position is and who holds them can quickly become very convoluted to look at. Even just all positions coupled with a brief description would make for one massive infographic. Positions with the same name and generic premise behind them also aren’t necessarily hierarchically equivalent in terms of relative authority. Most information dissemination related plans are a bit more medium to long term, but we’ll probably see about having a page to easily view officials for everything soon.

Position vacancies can’t always be quantified via a hierarchy since most positions do not have a set limit on the number of people holding it. In this sense we might be better served by maintaining a list of what in particular could benefit the most from having more hands on deck. I’m also a big fan of creating a series of tasks which people can chip away at during their free time, including ones which do not require holding any sort of position to do, so perhaps we’ll tie in some of that too.

Well as a Totalitarian Dictatorship you should instill loyalty, devotion and patriotism within the Pacific and those who dont accept those cirteria will be sent to the Joycamps for reeductation to correct them of all flaws through hard labour

Haha! things may not be that extreme, but through hard work to the region and your comrades can you express your loyalty and patriotism to the Pacific. Unity is what makes us stronger, and there's nothing better to show it than to participate in regional activities, all of which can be found on our forum, including but not limited to: Legio Pacifica, Pacific News Network, Diplomatic Corps and the Culture Committee. You can see descriptions about each department here.

creamy or crunchy


There are many concerns I have about the world, but it is clear that with recent issues brought up in the world assembly, the community is increasingly alienating more authoritarian nations on both the left and the right end of the spectrum. Therefore, my greatest concern is the enforcing of one specific ideology, as I deeply believe that every Nation should be free to forge their own destiny in this beautiful region.

Whilst WA remains a valuable part of gameplay in Nationstates, we believe that to forge one's own destiny, the best way to do so is via issue-answering and roleplaying yourself. It is true that there tends to be a trend in WA where anti-authoritarian discipline may be favored but this is because a majority of the nations that comprise the WA may have a preference towards such values and hence you may see that being an authoritarian nation in the WA is difficult due to the smaller representation of support for pro-authoritarian beliefs in the WA. These disproportionate sides then snowballs to essentially the enforcing of a specific ideology or discipline. This, unfortunately is beyond the Pacific's abilities even though we believe that every nation even those not in our region are still free to have their own take on every matter. However, it isn't too hard to still be an authoritarian nation if that is how you would like to play NationStates. Issues are a major source of control to how your nations grow. WA provides tangible benefits and detriments to statistics but in the larger scales of things, these are all very minute effects compared to the impact of issues answered. Roleplay also allows you to put authoritarian self out there into the region!

Are you the senate?

The answer is Linkhere

For those of us who don't pay as much attention to the forums as we should: what is the largest way that the new administration of the NPO has distanced itself from the old NPO, and what is our status in recovering relationships that were destroyed right before the old emperor's abdication.

The largest way that the new administration of the NPO has distanced itself from the old NPO began with East Durthang outlawing subversive (spying, infiltrating, etc) activities in other regions. In a distant past this was commonplace behavior in NationStates Gameplay. However, in this day and age, that world is long gone and we do not desire to see it manifest once more. It created an environment of distrust and paranoia. We needed to move forward from those days and aim to help other regions and support them in their quests for stability and activity, not make them have to wonder when and if there will be a next time where the New Pacific Order will be caught reverting to that old world mindset. We have no desire to revive that old culture, and wish to move forward in a way that encourages good relations between regions, not undercurrents of suspicion and distrust. Other steps, such as a new Charter, have been taken, but we believe that the greatest change was the Imperial Decree that banned any activities that will harm other regions and our region. We have put out statements emphasizing this mindset, apologized for the wrongdoings of past generations of government, and set forth on a course to right all wrongs committed. The Pacific we wish to foster is one that does not force itself into the doings of other regions without their strict knowledge or consent. It is not our place to interfere in their politics no matter what we think of them. This is a mindset we wish to encourage in future generations. All regions are sovereign, and they should be treated as such.

As for recovery of relations, we have already, as aforementioned, made steps to make amends with affected regions. There will be trouble for them in trusting that we are sincere in our intent, and we welcome the opportunity to prove that things can change with the right mindset and motivation. Some regions have already settled down somewhat and now regard us with careful curiosity rather than open hostility. Others attempt to maintain their hostility, and we have not denied them their right to be angry. The ultimate objective is to ensure that regions do not feel unsafe with us around, and to make us more part of a community rather than a distant outer object. The key to recovering lost relationships is to earn lost trust back, and that is the greatest, and most necessary, mountain to climb in the world of foreign affairs.

What are the plans for the pacific in the upcoming years?

Far too many to list, but the following are some of our plans for the next few years, in no particular order.

Codify previously unwritten policies, repair diplomatic relations, develop more internal accountability, provide additional ways and better advertisement of them for citizens to participate in regional affairs, create various awards and other forms of participation encouragement, automation and regional statistics, conduct more events for residents and citizens alike, expand our military, return to having regular news publications, revive and expand our university to better document regional information and history, involve the provincial system more often, provide opportunities for inter-regional cooperation with regards to culture and community once everything has stabilised.

how much money will this all cost

Not money but hard work!

Whys the sky blue?

The answer is Linkhere

is Stevism a Pacifican virtue? Did Steve exhibit the virtues of Pacificanism?

Stevism isn't a Pacifican virtue, nor is it particularly relevant considering the individual in question isn't here and seldom conducts themself in a manner befitting of a Pacifican.

Are these questions on actual political issues or features about the site to improve? If it's actual political opinions, thoughts on reverse racism? If it's site features, the issue submission section is super complicated & outdated, how can this be simplified?

Well, first of all - we are only dealing with questions regarding in-game and matters hence we are not commenting about reverse racism. However, all racism is bad, reverse or inverse or however you call it. Your feedback regarding the issue submission section can actually be directed to the moderators themselves through here .

What are we going to do regarding the fact that our region literally has a huge link at the top of the page to a lot of things that The Pacific has (supposedly) done, things that are near-universally considered bad and could cause dozens if not hundreds of nations to leave us?

Unfortunately, this is not the first time the Pacific has been 'Condemned' by the World Assembly.  The last time this occurred a concentrated effort over several months and multiple attempts saw it overturned.  Because certain rogue elements have once again caused turmoil in some of our fellow GCRs, we likely face a longer period of reconciliation before the topic of having it removed can adequately be addressed.  While this is certainly not ideal, it is not in and of itself a cause for ongoing concern.  The vast majority of the GCRs and the nations of influence within them know and understand that the problems that led to the Condemnation are no longer relevant to the Pacific going forward.  It is also worth noting that the Condemnation itself was more of a knee-jerk reaction than a measured attempt at punishment and our position in the region, and the ongoing efforts at rebuilding relationships, is stable.  As far as nations leaving the Pacific is concerned, that is a factor that has to be considered at all times, regardless of circumstances, within the Feeder regions.  It is a mechanic of the game that as nations are created in the Pacific they are invited to countless other regions and that many will leave.  It is extremely unlikely that many nations that have taken the time to join and take part in the NPO will leave, this is born out in the fact that this supposed mass exodus did not actually occur when the Condemnation was passed.