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TvTropes in play

Ass kicking equals Authority: The rulers are chosen by duels, very much so.

Badass Army: Armies of dragons tend to be this by default. The Auxiliary Fighter Corps and Armored Corps do everything in their power not to be left behind. The Auxiliary Marines on the other hand...

Cool Star ship: The Armada has plenty of these

Earth Shattering Kaboom: The Dragua II's super weapon can one shot a planet if used at full power. Good thing the zravvisk are opposed to such a thing on every level of their morals.

Healing Factor: Downplayed. Zravvisk can recover from any injury even mortal ones as long as they eat some meat. Still takes weeks to regrow an arm so its not very useful in combat.

Martial Pacifist: They heavily prefer to be at peace and not shed blood, but when war does come they're more than prepared to fight it.

Ominous Floating Spaceship: They have a terrible habit of doing this to primitive worlds, not realizing how shocking it can be see a kilometer long ship floating over a city.

Our dragons are different: They can live in the vacuum in space just fine and can regenerate from any injury if they can eat some meat before they die.

Redshirt Army: The Auxiliary Marines. Auxiliary crew members that volunteered to help defend zravvisk ships in boarding actions for a bit more cash never thinking anyone would ever try.

Roaring Rampage of Revenge: It takes a lot to anger the zravvisk, but once you have, like say committing genocide or blowing up a planet, they will not stop until their enemy's government is completely destroyed or they are.

Sapient Eat Sapient: Downplayed. Due to the Zravvisk's regeneration and the fact few species bring livestock into battle, they often need to eat sapient species after a battle to heal. They also all find the taste of sapient species to be one of the worst of the galaxy, and assumes anyone who does so has a good reason for it.

The Armada of The Zravvisk