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TEP Ministry of WA Affairs: Official Opinion on "Repeal 'On Tobacco And Electronic Cigarettes'"

Opinion on Repeal "On Tobacco And Electronic Cigarettes"
Office of the Ministry of World Assembly Affairs of the East Pacific

The target of this resolution intends to educate inhabitants of member states on the health implications of consuming tobacco products. While these intentions are honorable, it contains a major loophole with regard to product labeling. The repeal now at Vote demonstrates that its target permits members "to abide by its requirements without in fact translating warnings into a language understandable by the local populace", due to the use of the word "should" in establishing its labeling directives. This seriously impairs the target's ability to have any affect on tobacco consumption or the health problems that result from it, and for all intents and purposes renders most of the target optional.

On this basis, this ministry supports a repeal of the target, and finds this repeal in particular sufficiently effective to achieve that goal.

The Sororal Republics of Wallenburg