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TNP's Roleplay Renaissance Faire

TNP's Roleplay Renaissance Faire
Hosted by The North Pacific Ministry of Culture
Dates: March 15, 2019 - March 17, 2019

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This medieval and renaissance-themed festival is open to all players in good standing within the NS Community!

  • College of Heraldry
    A booth for the heraldry and vexillology enthusiast! Have you ever wondered what your NS nationís flags or coats of arms looked like during the medieval or renaissance eras? This is the booth for you! The booth will also serve as a roundtable discussion on the themes present in medieval and renaissance heraldry.

  • The Armoury
    Are you interested in military history? Are you a fan of swords, armour, or early-modern firearms? Are you someone who extols the virtues of the military revolution or someone who wants to reminisce about gallant knights on horseback? This is the booth for you!

  • Universitas Scholarium
    Who doesnít like trivia? This will be a booth where your knowledge of the post-Classical and Early Modern world are tested!

  • The Tournament Ground
    Train, fight, and level-up in this multiplayer bot-driven combat tournament!

  • The Adventurer's Guild
    Go on a classic D&D-style adventure with your friends and new acquaintances! Gain skills, classes, and loot as you maraud through the world! Itís a Discord-style mini-RPG!

  • The Grand Banquet
    Join this illustrious RP to show off your skills and imagination! RP as someone from your nation! Maybe itís someone from the present day attending a renaissance faire, or maybe someone from your nationís past has awoken once again to join in the revelry!

  • Game of Thrones Discussion
    Do you wanna nerd out about HBO and George RR Martinís Game of Thrones series? Then come one and come all! Be it the books, show, or your totally going to happen fan theory? This is your place to discuss it!

  • Game of Thrones Roleplay
    You can create a character, or even a House, in the world of Westeros and live or die as you befriend or challenge other Game of Thrones RPers!

  • The Theatre Balcony
    Visit the theatre to get in the mood! Listen to your favorite medieval chants here, and participate on The Stage.

  • Join the Order of the Gryphons
    One of the NS world's longest standing and most eclectic interregional groups, the Order of the Gryphons invites you to join them in their quest to bring morality, justice, and wisdom to NS.