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by The Republic of Hiram Land. . 47 reads.

Military Act, 2019


Prime Minister: Hiram Land
Prime Minister Delegate: His Excellency, Jakobus van Slooten (SOCLAB) (D)
94183 Milhouse Avenue, Greenfield, HL GJ3 H8F

With help from the Delegation (and Parliament) of Icetropical

Esteemed UNoE Parliament Delegations,

The world of NationStates is full of raiders and defenders. A raider, like Stattgang, can attack the UNoE. In several cases, Stattgang has done such. In one instance, Isle Hay removed Hiram Land as WA Delegate in an act of raiding. In all cases, we have to be on lockdown. We need to be safe against such, along with N and Z Days.

ARTICLE I - Military

This article defines what is needed in the combined Regional Military.

Article I(a) - Basic Definitions and Functions

  • The Regional Military shall be split into two, the Home Guard and the Earthlings Pact.

  • The Home Guard requests 15,000 troops from nations joining the Regional Military. The Home Guard is strictly for peacekeeping purposes, and will not be used to help one side win a war.

  • The Earthlings Pact is a pact of members where the pact defends the entire region against raiders, or to be used on N-Day and Z-Day.

  • The Home Guard will have a Navy and Army. It will not have an Air Force, however it will be allowed to have a Naval Air Command, only for operations of helicopters and transportation planes.

  • The 15,000 troops requested per nation for the Home Guard will be split. 5,000 will go to the Home Army, 5,000 will go to the Home Navy, and the remaining 5,000 will go to the NAC.

  • The Earthlings Pact will not have any combat troops, however it will have functions of a Nuclear Command. This Nuclear Command will be used only during N-Day, to defend against invading regions..

  • It will also have functions for Medical Command, to be used during Z-Day only. It will be used against infected nations.

Article I(b) - Ranks

  • The Regional Military, including the HG and EP, will have a combined ranking system.

  • The Prime Minister, Minister of Defense, and Founder are commanders-in-chief. They all must agree on military action and protocol.

  • Then the General of Defense Forces, elected by the Founder and Minister of Defense, follows. They will command the Home Guard and Earthlings Pact itself, including day-to-day operations and protocol. All important actions need to go through the commanders-in-chief.

  • The Home Guard Commander and Earthlings Pact Commander will follow next. They will enact commands from the commanders in chief and the GDF. They are allowed to send advice to the higher ranks.

  • Then the usual Naval and Army ranks from Lieutenant follow, with control of the field given to them. They must enact commands from the higher ranks.

  • Promotion can occur by either winning many battles, bravery, or reccomendation from the HGC or EPC. The Commanders in Chief must approve it, with a signature from the GDF.

Article I(c) - Medals

  • Medals in the RM will be made for bravery, service in the field, service of defense, or promotion.

  • The "Medal of Honour" will be the highest medal awarded to soldiers, for great service to the region. No medal goes above it. It will only be awarded by the Commanders in Chief.

  • The "Service Medal" will then be the second highest medal awarded, for honour and service to the region. It will be awarded by the General of Defense Forces and the Commanders in Chief.

  • Then the "Most Promoted" will be awarded, for making the way to a high rank. It can be awarded by the HGC or EPC.

  • Then the combined medal systems of the member states will be awarded. Members are allowed to submit their own medals to be used regionally.

  • All medals will be worn from the highest medal awarded to lowest medal awarded, when needed. It must be worn as ribbons when used daily, but in ceremonial uniform, they must be medals themselves.

Article I(d) - Protocol & Invetory

  • All commands and orders from the Commanders in Chief and the GDF must be followed by all RM troops.

  • Orders below those must be followed, but are allowed to be revoked by the Commanders in Chief and the GDFs, or by investigation.

  • Top secret RM orders must remain secret for 5 (NS) years before they can be released.

  • The Home Army is allowed 20 tanks for heavy defense of peacekeeping troops only. They are allowed 100 helicopters and 200 transport aircraft for the HA.

  • For the Home Navy, they are allowed 200 patrol boats, 20 hospital ships, 20 landing ships, 1 cruisers and 1 submarine.

  • For the Naval Air Command, they are allowed 1 aircraft carrier, 10 small transport planes, 20 cargo planes for large cargo, and 3 planes that can be used for medical.

  • For the Regional Pact, they are allowed to use 500 medical missiles of all types, of which 200 are for Mark I, 200 are for Mark II, and 100 for Mark III.

  • There is no limit for nuclear weapons, however they must be contained in nuclear bunkers, and must not be used regionally.

Article I(d+2) - N-Day and Z-Day Protocol

  • For N-Day, there will be 2 groups of Industrial and Military. Stragetic will be Military in this case.

  • Industrial nations must spend 30 minutes making defenses, and 30 minutes using those defenses for

  • Military nations must spend 30 minutes making nuclear weapons, 15 minutes to continously launch nuclear weapons against enemies, and 15 minutes planning.

  • For Z-Day, all nations will have 45 minutes launching missiiles to zombie controlled nations. The remaining 15 minutes will be used for planning.

Article II - Civilian

This article shall define any civilian role in the Regional Military.

  • Nations are allowed to do drafts or lotteries for joining the Regional Military.

  • They are requested to draft 15,000 people, willing or otherwise, to the Regional Military. However there is no limit after the 15,000.

  • Propaganda for the Regional Military are allowed for recruitment and volunteering only, not for use against nations. They are allowed to be used against enemy regions, however.

  • Civilians are allowed to volunteer for the medical parts of the RM, there is no limit for medical volunteers, as long as they are experienced.

  • All troops must be 18 or older. Retirement is allowed at 65 years of age.

Article III - Defender Protocol

This article shall define what the Regional Military (Earthlings Pact) must do incase of a raider attack on the UNoE.

  • The Earthlings Pact must report an attack to the GDF or Commanders in Chief.

  • The Earthlings Pact, excluding the GDF and Commanders in Chief, must begin reporting the attackers. Usual protocol for security will occur.

  • The GDF and Commanders in Chief must organise another defense plan incase they take over, including setting up a Region-in-exile, and organise an attack to regain the UNoE by all means nessacary.

  • They must, afterwards, restore normality.

Article IV - Government and Other

  • Nations are allowed to join the Home Guard, if they wish to. However once they join the UNoE, they are joining the Earthlings Pact.

  • They can opt out at any time from the Home Guard, but to opt out of the Earthlings Pact, you must leave the region.

  • Home Guard Headquarters are located in the capital of The United Artherian Federation and Earthlings Pact Headquarters are located in the capital of Leskya. The General Headquarters would be located in Hyd(i)sk and the General Defense Force Headquarters would be located in Mariobo. However, the General Headquarters be renamed the Regional Armed Forces Headquarters (RAFH) to avoid confusion.

  • Each member will be allowed their own headquarters for coordination of their own regional troops. They must report either to RAFH, the Home Guard HQ, or the Earthlings Pact HQ.

  • The headquarters of the Commanders in Chief will be shared into 3, one in Greenfield, one in Arg City, and one in the Icetropican capital. The Icetropical capital will also host the headquarters of the GDF.

Article V - Implementation

This law shall be implemented by the time this law passes Parliament.

Written at the Office of the UNOE Prime Ministry Representative, 9392 Mark's Avenue, Ramvarkistan, Oostwaards, HL G5G JG3, on this day, the Eighth of the Third Month of the Nineteenth Year of the Second Millenium.

Written with the Aid of the Icetropical Delegation and the North Council of Icetropical, and revied, on this day, the Nineth of the Third Month of the Ninteenth Year of the Second Millenium.

The Republic of Hiram Land